Levels of spending for child protection in humanitarian action remain very low, both by governments and donors. The Alliance’s Advocacy Working Group has developed a practical, solutions-oriented response. This includes guidance and training for child protection actors on fundraising and advocacy; the development of the Minimum Standards — enabling us to accurately describe minimum levels of programming and therefore funding; and targeted advocacy to decision-makers and influencers. In order to step up child protection efforts in humanitarian settings, the Alliance’s Advocacy Working Group aims to convince humanitarian decision-makers that child protection programming saves lives, now and later.

In 2015, the world’s governments agreed on SDG 16.2:

To end abuse, exploitation, trafficking and all forms of violence and torture against children.

This is just one of the child-focused SDG targets. Several others are integral to ensuring children’s health, safety and wellbeing are at the heart of the post-2015 development agenda.

The Alliance’s 2016-2017 work plan sets out four objectives for Advocacy Working Group:

  1. Advocate for the inclusion of child protection concerns in the SDGs and World Humanitarian Summit (achieved).
  2. Ensure a reported increase in funding for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action (as reported by Child Protection Coordinators in at least 50% countries surveyed).
  3. Strengthen advocacy for child protection in humanitarian action at the field level.
  4. Improve understanding of child protection in humanitarian action and its lifesaving nature among decision-makers and donors.

In order to meet these ambitious objectives, the Advocacy Working Group developed several important documents to support the case for child protection as a core part of humanitarian response.

These include:

Fundraising Handbook for Child Protection and Gender Based Violence in Humanitarian Action
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What is Child Protection in Emergencies?
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The Costs and Economic Impact of Violence Against Children
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A Matter of Life and Death: Child Protection Programming’s Essential Role in Ensuring Child Wellbeing and Survival During and After Emergencies
Read more

The Advocacy Working Group is currently co-led by ChildFund Alliance and World Vision International. Contact Josh Chaffin, jchaffin (at) childfundalliance.org or Jessica Bousquette, jbousque (at) WorldVision.org

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