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Call for Proposal for the End of Project Evaluation for the Learning Project to Prevent Violence Against Children in East Africa.

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Call for Proposal for the End of Project Evaluation for the Learning Project to Prevent Violence Against Children in East Africa.

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04 Sep 2019
Country(s) that the job is based in: 
Impact and Innovations Development Centre
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Project: Managing the Learning Process to Prevent Violence Against Children in and around Schools (VACiS) in East Africa.

Organizational Background

Impact and Innovations Development Centre (IIDC) is a not-for-profit technical assistance organisation registered in Uganda and operating within East Africa. The organization seeks to improve the well-being of vulnerable groups in Africa through promoting evidenced and impactful socio-economic development interventions and innovations in selected key thematic areas including on child rights and child protection. IIDC is a learning partner and strives to:

  • Facilitate knowledge management initiatives for social development agencies.
  • Support donors and development agencies to execute effective grants management.
  • Facilitate evidence building through impact assessments and monitoring and evaluation support.
  • Capacity building for individuals/organizations and offering technical advice to improve the efficacy of development work.

Purpose of the Evaluation

Overall, the purpose of this evaluation is to establish the impact of learning on preventing violence against children and the extent to which the project approach has achieved the intended outcomes to inform subsequent interventions of a similar or related kind.

Specific Objectives of the Evaluation

Specifically, the firm/consultant(s) will provide an analysis of;

  1. The extent to which the partner organizations used an explicit theory of change, method and plan for measuring progress of their VACiS interventions in East Africa and how this contributed to realization of either positive or negative shifts in addressing VACiS in their operational area.
  2. The extent and strength of relationships and connectivity among the target partner organizations & between other actors working on prevention of VACiS in East Africa.
  3. The extent to which target partners explicitly articulate learning outcomes and use the knowledge to improve practice and how this translates into effectively addressing of violence against children.
  4. Establishing the extent to which target partners have improved on documentation of evidence on what is happening regarding VAC especially on what works in prevention of VACiS.

Firm/Consultant qualifications and requirements

The firm/consultant(s) must have the following minimum qualifications and requirements:

  1. The participating firm/consultant(s) must have a team leader with a minimum of a Master’s degree in either Social Work & Social Administration, Social Sciences, Development Studies, Development Management or other related fields.
  2. Professional training in monitoring and evaluation.
  3. Demonstrated experience in evaluation at regional and global level.
  4. Proven experience in evaluating learning initiatives.
  5. Practical and working knowledge in the fields of child protection and child rights.
  6. Highly connected within the VAC field.
  7. Expertise in working with and evaluating theories of change as a framework for learning, communication and accountability.
  8. Proven experience in conducting participatory qualitative and quantitative evaluation studies with excellent analytical and report writing skills.

For detailed Job Description see link: www.dropbox.com/s/zlp8inz91r6va01/Call%20for%20Proposal%20-%20EPE%20of%20the%20Learning%20Initiative...

How to apply:

Interested consultants/firms are requested to send a technical and financial proposal via email to admin@iidcug.org with a copy to rmugagga@iidcug.org


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