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Webinar | Blind Spots - Unaccompanied and separated girls in Europe

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مذكرة فنية حول حماية الأطفال في حالة تفشي وباء الكورونا (كوفيد 19)
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Webinar | Blind Spots - Unaccompanied and separated girls in Europe

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تاريخ الندوة الإلكترونية: 
10 Sep 2019
توقيت بداية وانتهاء الندوة الإلكترونية: 
2 pm CEST
الجهة المُنظِّمة: 

This webinar is being organized as part of the regional project "Building Relationships through Innovative Development of Gender-Based Violence Awareness in Europe - BRIDGE" which has the aim to strengthen the statutory response to gender-based violence (GBV) affecting children and youth on the move in EU countries.

The purpose of the webinar is to shed light on the specific experiences and issues of unaccompanied and separated girls in the European Response. UNICEF’s Regional Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia has been focusing on these issues through the programme “Action Against Gender-Based Violence Affecting Refugee and Migrant Women and Children in Greece, Italy, Serbia and Bulgaria” funded by the United States Government.  By the end of the webinar, participants will increase their understanding of the protection issues and risks faced by unaccompanied and separated girls while on the move as well as be familiar with some initial tools that can facilitate their daily practice in identifying girls' needs.

To be registered for the webinar, participants need to be registered on the Child Hub site. Registered participants will get the link for the webinar room on the day of the webinar. For those who may not be able to join, the webinar will be recorded.

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