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المنظمات الأعضاء

.يستمد التحالف قوته من قوة المنظمات المنضوية تحت عضويته، وتشمل هذه العضوية حالياً حوالي 100 منظمة تتميز كل منها بفرادتها في مجال عملها وتخصصها. يمكنك التعرف من خلال هذه الصفحة على المنظمات العضوة في التحالف .كما يمكنك النقر هنا لإرسال معلومات عن منظمتك. وإذا أردت الحصول على مزيد من المعلومات حول كيفية الانضمام لعضوية التحالف، نرجو منك زيارة .صفحة العضوية.

The Center for Community and Health Development International is a non-discriminatory, non-governmental organisation with a mandate to improve the health and quality of life of Nigeria’s rural children and women.
Every year, child helplines around the world field more than 20 million individual cries for help.  Until the founding of Child Helpline International in 2003, these organisations did their great work in isolation, and with no access to one anothe
Child Nepal (CN) is an apolitical, non-religious Non-Government Organization (NGO) working on child rights in general and child protection and child development in particular.
The CP AoR has observer status with The Alliance.
Child Soldiers International is an international human rights organisation. We exist to work for a world where children are not used in war.
Today, worldwide, 570 million children live in extreme poverty. ChildFund Alliance believes all children — including those 570 million — have rights to the support, protection and care they need to grow up healthy and strong.
CYPLP is a social think tank of young volunteers, a not for profit, youth-focused civil society organization in Kaduna State, Nigeria.
Children of One World (Bir Dünya Çocuk) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization which has a multinational and multicultural structure and is dedicated to providing child protection and advocating for children rights.
There is a notable lack of evidence about which policies and programs most effectively protect children and enable them to reach their full developmental potential. This lack of evidence has implications for how effective policymakers and practiti


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