The Country Consultation toolkit is now available!

We’ve reached a new and exciting stage of the revision process. Consultations!

Face-to-face and virtual consultations, as well as the online survey, enable a wide range of people to get involved and share their thoughts. Questions to ask:

  • Do the revised standards reflect current practices in your context?
  • Do you agree with the new approaches and changes made? Is anything important missing?
  • Is the language clear and accessible?
  • Do you think the revised standards are relevant in different contexts? e.g. infectious disease outbreak settings, migration and displacement, urban areas…

Don’t forget that the CPMS Working Group is here to help you! Please get in touch if you’d like support to organize a consultation in your country or region. Write to:

General guidance on holding a country consultation (includes hints and tips on developing your agenda, guiding questions and advice on consulting adults in the affected populations):

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Powerpoint presentation: The CPMS Revision Process (feel free to use and edit as you see fit)

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Powerpoint presentation: CPMS Revision Quiz! (a useful ice-breaker, as well as a way to quickly gauge your participants’ familiarity with the CPMS)

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Recording video clips at consultations:

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Event reporting template (docx)

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Final report template (docx)

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