Face-to-face consultation events are a great way to bring people together to share thoughts and ideas on the draft CPMS. They may be organized at community, regional or national level.

Consultations will take place between June and August 2018

If you are interested in hosting a consultation, please get in touch with Joanna Wedge, Capacity Building Advisor (joannawedge@gmail.com), as soon as possible.

Consultation toolkit

You may choose to focus your consultation on:

  • A theme that is relevant in your specific context. For example, urban settings, or refugee contexts.
  • A specific Standard. For example, Family Strengthening or Coordination.
  • A combination of the above.
Confirmed consultations as of mid-July 2018: Location and contact details

Consultations are being confirmed and dates finalized on a daily basis. Watch this space!

South Sudan 25-26 July Silvia Onate, Save the Children, silvia.onate@savethechildren.org
Somalia July 10, Mogadishu; July 17, Puntland (Garowe); July 31 Somaliland (Hergeisa) Magdalene Muoki, CISP, muoki@cisp-nairobi.org
Myanmar 6 June Susan Wisniewski, Terre des hommes, susan.wisniewski@tdh.ch
Iraq 29-31 July Nawras Mahmooud, Kurdistan Save the Children, pr@ksc-kcf.org; Erik Prins, Mission East, ppa.iraq@missioneast.org
Syria July 23, Gazantiep Riyad Alnajem, Hurass Network, r.alnajem@hrs.ngo
Colombia 14 + 15 Aug (national); Putumayo (Ecuador/Peru border); Narino; Choco (N.West) Yesica Serrano, CID, yserrano@cid.org.co
Samoa July, tbc Rodney S. Namulauulu, Red Cross, maasina.tuua@gmail.com
Afghanistan August, tbc Hamdullah Meyakhe, Save the Children, hamdullah.meyakhel@savethechildren.org
Kenya mid-July to mid-August, multiple events Bernard and Irene Wali, Save the Children, irene.wali@savethechildren.org
Sudan 1. 8-9 July; 2. 11-12 July; 3.21-22 August; 4. 15-16 August; 5. 3-4 July Lillian Kona, UNICEF, lkona@unicef.org; Global Aid Hand
Bangladesh 9 July Ranjini Paskarasingam, UNICEF, rpaskarasingam@unicef.org
Nigeria 23 July; July 30 Usten (Efe) Listowell, CHAD, usen.listowell@chadintl.org
DRC (Goma) late July? Tbc Jonas Habimana, BIFERD, biferutsh@yahoo.fr
Turkey 19 June Zeynep Sanduvac, Nirengi, zsanduvac@nirengidernegi.org
Armenia 28 Aug Manane Petrosyan, FAR Children Support Center, pmanane@gmail.com; Manane.Petrosyan@far.am