In Lebanon, the contextualized Standards have been finalized are now being edited. They will be available in both English and Arabic. Endorsement by the Ministry of Social Affairs is being sought.   After endorsement, plans include a national launch, in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs; the development of a contextualized training package and a Training of Trainers workshop; the delivery of CPMS trainings nationally; as well as monitoring and assessment plans for CPMS use at national level. In Serbia, led by the NGO IDEAS, the CPMS were translated into Serbian and printed.  283 copies were distributed to 141 social work centres in the country as well as to 74 civil society organisations.   The interagency case management guidelines were also translated. Between September and December 2016, IDEAS held a series of workshops to introduce the CPMS in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs. In total, 203 social work professionals and civil society representatives participated in 5 workshops in Belgrade, Niš, Novi Sad, Kragujevac and Užice. In Afghanistan, a CPMS contextualization workshop was held. 12 Standards were selected from across the four pillars of the CPMS. In China, a permit has been requested to print the CPMS. The online version is available here. In Guinea, CPMS Standards 1-18 (all except the mainstreaming standards) have now been contextualized. Going forward, monitoring the use and application of the contextualized Standards will be supported by the global CPMS Working Future plans for contextualizing the mainstreaming Standards in Guinea are in development.