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AVSI Foundation

AVSI works for a world where the person, aware of his/her value and dignity, is the protagonist of his/her own integral development and that of his/her community, even in crisis and emergency contexts.

AVSI implements cooperation projects in various sectors with a preferential focus on education, meaning that the person is accompanied towards self-discovery and recognition that the other person is a resource. Each project is conceived as an instrument to promote this awareness in everyone involved, has in itself a need for communicating and sharing, and creates an impact capable of generating a positive change.

In project implementation, AVSI uses the following approach:

  • to start from the value of the person, who is never defined by the circumstances in which s/he lives;

  • to consider the person always in his/her family and community context;

  • to do with: accompany and let ourselves be accompanied, recognizing that we all share the same human experience;

  • to involve all stakeholders: encourage the participation of beneficiaries, providers, partners, donors, and the private sector; and

  • to learn from experience and capitalize on the lessons learned.

AVSI Foundation operates worldwide through a network of 35 organizations, its founding members, and over 700 partners.

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To contact us, you can send an email to info@alliancecpha.org.