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Bent Al-Rafedain Organization (BROB)

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Bent Al-Rafedain Organization (BROB)

Bent Al-Rafedain is an integrated society based on the principles of equal opportunity, justice and equality through the active and competent participation of women in all areas.

Iraqi women and their endeavors are the core concern of Bent al-Rafedain. The organization provides an open and free space for women to express their opinions without any pressure or restrictions and offers Iraqi women the opportunity to develop their capacities in the social, cultural and political fields. Bent Al-Rafedain encourages women's participation in development programmes, supports their rights and strives to alleviate the pressures they face as part of the process of reform and democratic transition to a free civil society that seeks a decent life.  


  1. Defending the rights of Iraqi women and restoring their true identity after being deformed by the former regime.
  2. Providing a welcoming ground for the development of women's creative capabilities in the fields of thought, literature, art and politics.
  3. Educating women politically and defining their effective role in the political process.
  4. Developing the Encyclopedia Bent al-Rafedain on the Internet to serve as a link between Iraqi women and other women of the world to share ideas and exchange experiences.
  5. Developing an understanding of the conditions of Iraqi women and their suffering and seeking to solve these problems in coordination with the relevant civil society organisations and institutions.
  6. Raising awareness about the suffering of Iraqi women through field research, particularly in rural areas.
  7. Activating an area of research, studies and articles related to Iraqi women.
  8. Introducing creative Iraqi women to the world and shedding light on their practical experiences.  
  9. Networking with other NGOs to exchange experiences and coordinate efforts.
  10. Conducting field visits and investigations to extrapolate the reality of Iraqi society, especially with regard to issues and rights of women and children.


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To contact us, you can send an email to info@alliancecpha.org.