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Online Event: Kinship Care in Brazil

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Online Event: Kinship Care in Brazil

Date of event: 
03 Apr 2019 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm
Ana Angélica Campelo
Jonathan Hannay
Claudia Cabral
Family for Every Child
Type of event: 
Deadline for registration: 
03 Apr 2019

Family for Every Child would like to invite you to an Online Event to discuss models and systems for Kinship Care in Brazil. Pre-recorded presentations from three different speakers will be released on Wednesday 27 March. One week later on Wednesday 3 April at 13:00 UK time, we will host a live Q&A panel discussion with the featured presenters.

List of Presentations

1. Spotlight on Brazil
An overview of the social welfare system in Brazil and how kinship care fits within it.
by Ana Angélica Campelo, of Brazil’s Ministry of Citizenship

Click here to watch

2. Breaking the cycle
Learning from a programme of formal therapeutic foster care that draws upon the ‘breaking the cycle’ approach, developed in collaboration with Family for Every Child’s member in Mexico, JUCONI.
by Jonathan Hannay, ACER Brasil

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3. The strength of the extended family
The importance of considering the extended family when making decisions about children’s care, and efforts to raise awareness of this with the Brazilian government.
by Claudia Cabral, Executive Director of Associação Brasileira Terra dos Homens (ABTH)

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