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Hurras Network

The Hurras Network was launched as an organization dedicated to providing psychosocial support and child protection. Initiating its activities in December 2012 in Daraya, a city close to the capital Damascus, the Hurras Network is dedicated to providing psychosocial support to all children. It endeavours to raise awareness of children’s rights and how to guard their interests in society, to create secure environments in which all children are able to gain knowledge and develop the skills they need, and to open up space for children to use their energies and strengthen their skills towards achieving the necessary change in society.

Hurras seeks to build a society in which children enjoy safe and happy childhoods for the good of children and society, enjoying all the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Working in cooperation with partners, volunteers and Syrian community members, Hurras seeks to establish direct, real and sustainable change that guarantees that children receive what they deserve in terms of psychological, social and educational care. 

Towards its goal to achieve its vision and message, Hurras is working on developing children’s social values, on developing skills by empowering the community to understand the basic rights of children, and to cultivate a peaceful and secure environment for children. Hurras endeavours to integrate value driven pedagogy into its programmes, to provide professional standards of care, and a safe and peaceful environment for children with various educational and psychological needs in preparation for their integration into society. Hurras works to lighten the negative effects of the current conflict on children, and to assist in rehabilitating society and to instill peaceful values, solidarity, understanding, and tolerance between individuals. Hurras seeks to realize its aim to become the primary and pioneering non-governmental organization in the field of child care and protection.

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To contact us, you can send an email to info@alliancecpha.org.