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CPMS Frontline Workers Training Package

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CPMS Frontline Workers Training Package

Date published: 
01 Jan 2014
The Alliance
Child Protection Working Group

This training has been designed as an interactive, participatory experience that depends upon the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, values and experiences of participants to guide the learning about how to effectively implement the Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action (CPMS) in a given context. 

This Workshop is intended for use by Child Protection Managers with their front-line staff. The activities assume an established relationship between the CP Manager and staff with activities that assist in demarcating the learning environment from the regular working environment. Emphasis is on creating a safe learning space wherein national staff͛'s expertise in cultural beliefs, values and child protection practice is explored and utilized as the foundation from which to build approaches that will effectively implement the CPMS in a given context.

Ideally, the number of training participants would not exceed a ratio of more than 20 participants for each trainer/facilitator.

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