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2019 Edition of the CPMS Roll-out Updates

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2019 Edition of the CPMS Roll-out Updates

17 Mar 2020

We are pleased to share some updates on the roll-outs that are currently underway:   

A webinar series on the 2019 edition of the CPMS has launched.  The first webinar What's New? (in English) had 99 participants. The recording can be found hereThe remaining webinars will include What's New? sessions in French, Spanish, and Arabic, as well as sessions on specific standards, such as Community-Level Approaches and Strengthening Family & Caregiving Environments. Details on both these sessions are available on the website and the newsletter. 

An updated CPMS Summary is now available to download on the Alliance website. The 2019 CPMS and its supporting documents will be available in French and Spanish later this month. The Arabic package will be finalised in early April.  We would like to thank the many agencies who have assisted in these roll-outs! Please check the Alliance website for launch details over the coming weeks.

A new Introduction to the CPMS video is being developed. If you would be interested in contributing to that or viewing the pilot, please contact cpms.wg@alliancecpha.org 

Launches of the 2019 edition in Oslo and London were conducted in February with the support of Save the Children and Plan International. Each one had broad participation from child protection actors, donors, government representatives, and other humanitarian agencies. Other country-level launches are underway around the world so please check with your local coordination group or contact cpms.wg@alliancecpha.org.

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