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Child Protection Practitioners and Social Media

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Child Protection Practitioners and Social Media

31 Jan 2019
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Child Protection Practitioners and Social Media: A powerful combination for advocacy, learning and networking

Social media can admittedly be overused--How many people's breakfasts do you really want to see online before you eat your own? When used judiciously, however, social media offers a powerful venue for advocacy, learning, and networking. It is for these purposes that the Alliance encourages you to follow and interact with us on social media. 

Is Social Media Necessary?

Some may wonder why the Alliance needs to be active on social media. After all, we have a brand-new web presence complete with news updates, vacancy postings, training materials and peer forums. Isn't social media overkill?

Not at all. 

The Alliance website serves two main purposes: It offers cutting-edge information and serves as a repository of past accomplishments and products. The website can be viewed as an easily-searchable compendium, a resource. 

Social media, on the other hand, is more like a rally. Websites are gauged by page views; social media is assessed on likes, shares, comments and reactions. Websites inform. Social media engages. 

What Does Social Media Do for Practitioners?

The dynamic, interactive, real-time aspects of social media can provide child protection practitioners with enormous benefits:

  • Cutting-edge information. With all the competing demands on our time, visiting websites for updates is not generally a high priority. By following us on social media, the newest information and opportunities come to you...no added effort required. 
  • Learning opportunities. The Alliance is constantly developing new guidance and training on a range of child protection topics. One alert on your phone can connect you to the latest webinars, guidance documents, live Q&As and more.
  • Ready-made advocacy tools. Let's face it, advocacy often takes a back burner to the more pressing activities of implementing child protection in the field. By sharing, liking and re-tweeting Alliance posts, you can engage in advocacy with one click of a key.
  • Relationships with global peers. Child protection can be lonely work. As mobile access continues to spread, social media provides real-time communication with and support from peers and mentors across the globe. 

The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action is a network, setting standards and providing technical support on child protection. Our social media presence is one part of accomplishing this mission. Take advantage of the benefits the Alliance can offer you: Join us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

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