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New Members Join the Alliance

29 Aug 2019
The Alliance

The Alliance is pleased to two welcome two new members: Bent Al-Rafedain and IsraAid.

Bent Al-Rafedain is an integrated society based on the principles of equal opportunity, justice and equality through the active and competent participation of women in all areas. Iraqi women and their endeavours are the core concern of Bent al-Rafedain. The organisation provides an open and free space for women to express their opinions without any pressure or restrictions and offers Iraqi women the opportunity to develop their capacities in the social, cultural and political fields. Bent Al-Rafedain encourages women's participation in development programmes, supports their rights and strives to alleviate the pressures they face as part of the process of reform and democratic transition to a free civil society that seeks a decent life. 

Founded in 2001, IsraAID is an Israel-based international non-governmental organization. Since its inception, IsraAID has worked in emergency and long-term development settings in 50+ countries. Drawing on an extensive roster of leading Israeli and international experts, the organisation is in a unique position to design and implement high-quality, cost-effective and innovative programming that fully reflects the immediate and long-term needs of populations affected by disasters worldwide. IsraAid's mission is to support people affected by humanitarian crisis. They partner with local communities around the world to provide urgent aid, assist recovery and reduce the risk of future disasters.

We look forward to a long partnership with our new members! For the profiles of our other member organisations, click here.





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