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Spread the News: Live-Tweet Your Roundtable Experience

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Spread the News: Live-Tweet Your Roundtable Experience

10 Oct 2018
Adapted from Sarah Goodall

Why Should I Live-Tweet the Roundtable?

Live-Tweeting is an exciting way to connect with other participants at an event (perhaps those you may not have met without a Live-Tweet introduction), share your experience with those who could not attend, and maintain a record of the event that can serve as the foundation of a later report or brief.

How do I Live-Tweet the Roundtable?

  1. Get familiar with Twitter.
  • Download the Twitter app to your smartphone, open it up and sign in.
  • Click on Explore at the bottom.
  • Enter the hashtag in the search bar:
    • #ProtectAndEducate
    • #WorkingTogether4Children 
  • It will pull up a list of tweets. By default it shows you the Top tweets. If you’re live at the Roundtable, switch it to Latest tweets.
  • Watch the stream and engage with others:
    • Like
    • Retweet
    • Reply
  • To send your own tweet, click on the feather in the top right. 
  1. Know how to tweet from your device.
  • Clicking on the feather will open a new screen and automatically add the hashtag of the event (since you searched for it) so you don’t have to keep remembering to add it in.
  • Add a photo or video by clicking the camera icon.
  • If you want to run a poll, select the polling option and add up to 4 polling choices.
  • Click Tweet – it will then send you back to the hashtag stream.
  1. Listen to and engage with others. 
  • Check out your Notifications every so often - more frequently if you're live-tweeting during a presentation or keynote
  • Review who is liking and retweeting your content.  Know them?  Should you know them?
  • Review who is mentioning you - these are the people that you need to engage with in some way.  Like their tweet (if you do genuinely like it), reply if needed, and follow them by clicking the small arrow to the right of their tweet.

What Kind of Content Should I Live-Tweet?

  • Photos: Food, people, speakers, presentation slides, accommodations--anything that gives a sense of the event ethos
  • Videos: Presentation clips, interviews with attendees--just keep it under 60 seconds!
  • Quotes: Thought-provoking (or entertaining) snippets from speakers, group discussions, or informal chats
  • Polls: Share some information from the presentations and ask for feedback from your followers

Live-Tweeting Ettiquette (Yes, it is a Thing!)

  • Let your follower know you are attending the Roundtable and may be sharing more than usual.
  • Get permission from interviewees/presenters before Tweeting their photos or videos.
  • Get presenters' Twitter handles and use them when you quote them or refer to them.
  • Use the hashtags #WorkingTogether4Children and #ProtectAndEducate
  • @mention people and organizations (i.e. Alliance, INEE, presenter orgs) wherever possible.
  • Engage with others: Respond, retweet, and like others' tweets.
  • Have fun! We can't wait to see you on Twitter!


(Content adapted from Sarah Goodall, How To "Live-Tweet" A Business Event In 4 Simple Steps)


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