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Theme of the 2019 Annual Meeting: The Humanitarian - Development Nexus

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Theme of the 2019 Annual Meeting: The Humanitarian - Development Nexus

04 Sep 2019
The Alliance

At the World Humanitarian Summit in 2016, there was agreement that the humanitarian system alone cannot address the magnitude and diversity of needs that result from today's global humanitarian crises. In response, humanitarian, development and peace actors agreed to transcend the divide that exists between the sectors by taking on a New Way of Working (NWoW).

This New Way of Working calls upon actors to work more “cohesively” in partnerships, capitalising on their comparative advantages to simultaneously meet humanitarian needs and reduce risks and vulnerabilities. This connection between humanitarian action, sustainable development and conflict prevention or peacebuilding is referred to as the ‘’humanitarian-development nexus”.

Three years after the World Humanitarian Summit, where do we stand as humanitarian child protection actors vis-à-vis the "nexus"? What progress, if any, have we made in terms of operationalising the "nexus" approach for child protection? What challenges have we faced, and what have we learned? These and other questions will guide this year’s Annual Meeting for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action.

We look forward to sharing experiences, exploring the "nexus" together and identifying what we can do to strengthen our collective work. Join us in Geneva, Switzerland on October 14-15, 2019 for this exciting step forward. Can't make it to Switzerland? Follow the events and participate remotely on the Alliance Facebook page or on Twitter

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