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Child Protection in Emergencies Face to Face Training Package

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Child Protection in Emergencies Face to Face Training Package

Date of publication: 
01 Jan 2014


McCauley, Natalie
Child Protection Working Group
Publication type: 
Trainings, Webinars, and Presentations

This comprehensive training package is designed to ensure the overall goal of increasing the capacity of child protection practitioners in humanitarian settings by using and applying the most up to date and best practice when it comes to CPIE Programming. The training is based around the CPMS. The sessions presented in this package are suggestions for how such training can be designed and can be tweaked based the context in which it is going to be used. There are a number of optional sessions available based on context and need. The package is designed for a five-day training, but all sessions can also be used as one-off sessions in meetings and when time is limited. This training package should only be used by trainers who have already been trained on the new CPIE package and the CPMS. It is targeted at the general population of child protection practitioners in humanitarian settings at all levels and can be adjusted depending on the audience level and long term vision of roll out. Contents of the training package include PowerPoints, handouts, videos, and facilitator guidelines divided into the following sections: Agenda Samples Daily Evaluation Forms  Introductory Lesson Module 1: Principles and Approaches to CPiE Module 2: Ensuring a Quality CP Response Module 3: Addressing Child Protection Needs Module 4: Developing Child Protection Strategies Module 5: Mainstreaming Child Protection Module 6: Planning Next Steps Optional Simulation Participant Handouts Sample Pre-Training Survey Start and End Day Session Plans Training Templates (including PowerPoint templates) USB Participant Resources Select materials are also available in Arabic and French. 

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