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Community-based Child Protection Mechanisms Amongst Urban Refugees in Kampala, Uganda: An ethnographic study

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Community-based Child Protection Mechanisms Amongst Urban Refugees in Kampala, Uganda: An ethnographic study

Date of publication: 
01 Jan 2013


Authors:  Horn, Rebecca Bizimana, David Nasinyama, Scholastica Aporo, Lilia Kironde, Emmanuel Canavera, Mark Stark, Lindsay Publisher:  Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University HealthNet TPO TPO Uganda InterAid Uganda Ltd. US State Department; Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration Publication type:  Analysis Reports Studies, Reviews and Research

Many countries are currently undertaking mapping of community based child protection mechanisms (CBCPMs) as a critical step in strengthening child protection systems. However, this type of mapping has yet to be undertaken in refugee settings. This project, which includes research in Kampala, Uganda, and in Rwandan refugee camps, is the first study of CBCPMs undertaken in refugee settings. The purpose of the study reported here was to learn about community-based child protection processes and mechanisms in three urban refugee communities in Kampala, Uganda. In particular, the research sought to identify what urban refugees see as the main harms or risks to children, what CBCPMs exist and how they are used, what protective factors enable children’s positive coping and resilience, and whether and how the CBCPMs link with elements of the formal, government led aspects of the national child protection system. This study had a special focus on the protective effects of education. By learning about child protection amongst urban refugee communities, the research aimed to contribute to new knowledge that will be useful in strengthening both the child protection system and services provided to refugees in Uganda. Alliance Materials

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