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Gender-based Violence Tools Manual for Assessment & Program Design, Monitoring & Evaluation in Conflict-affected Settings

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Gender-based Violence Tools Manual for Assessment & Program Design, Monitoring & Evaluation in Conflict-affected Settings

Date of publication: 
01 Jan 2004


RHRC, Reproductive Health Response in Conflict Consortium
Publication type: 
Manuals, Toolkits and Guidance

This manual is one of several outcomes of a three-year global Gender-based Violence Initiative spearheaded by the Reproductive Health Response in Conflict (RHRC) Consortium and aimed at improving international and local capacity to address gender-based violence (GBV) in refugee, internally displaced, and post-conflict settings. The tools have been formulated according to a multi-sectoral model of GBV programming that promotes action within and coordination between the constituent community, health and social services, and the legal and security sectors. The manual is meant to be used by humanitarian professionals who have experience with and are committed to GBV prevention and response. The tools are divided into three major categories: assessment, program design, and program monitoring and evaluation. The assessment tools are meant to improve awareness of the nature and scope of GBV in a given setting, to assist in gathering information about local attitudes and behaviors related to GBV, and to identify existing GBV services and gaps in services within the community. The program design tools may be used for designing and implementing projects whose outcomes meet intended goals, and for improving hiring practices within GBV programs. The program monitoring and evaluation tools assist in evaluating program effectiveness, as well as in recognizing short- and long-term service utilization and service delivery trends that may be used to adjust programming. This manual should be used in conjunction with other GBV programming resources, accessible on the RHRC Consortium website at <a href="http://www.rhrc.org/gbv">www.rhrc.org/gbv</a>. Of special note are United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’ Sexual and Gender-Based Violence against Refugees, Returnees and Internally Displaced Persons: Guidelines for Prevention and Response (May 2003) and the RHRC Consortium’s Gender-based Violence: Emerging Issues in Programs Serving Displaced Populations (2002). Alliance Materials

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