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Guidance for Protecting Children on the Move In and Outside of Ukraine

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Guidance for Protecting Children on the Move In and Outside of Ukraine

Date of publication: 
11 Mar 2022


Publication type: 
Manuals, Toolkits and Guidance

How authorities and aid workers can help keep children displaced by the war in Ukraine safe from trafficking and other forms of exploitation and abuse.

The war in Ukraine has forced people to flee their homes by the millions – some seeking safety in other parts of the country, others taking refuge in neighbouring nations. Roughly half of those displaced are children. Among them, many are unaccompanied or have been separated from their families.

Children on the move in and outside of Ukraine are at heightened risk of violence, exploitation and abuse. Therefore, UNCIEF has rapidly published guidnace to support those responding to the crisis. The guidance address the following questions: 

1. What risks do children displaced by the war in Ukraine face?

2. Are any of these children unaccompanied?

3. What’s happening to children in institutional care?

4. What about the risk of trafficking?

5. How can volunteers and Good Samaritans help protect children from trafficking?

6. How should institutions and care facilities in Ukraine move children to safety?

7. What should neighbouring countries do to protect unaccompanied children?

8. What about adoption?

9. What are Blue Dots?

10. What is UNICEF doing to protect displaced children and their families?

Find the Answers and View the Full Report HERE.

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