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Violence Against Children in All Care Settings: Africa expert consultation 

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Violence Against Children in All Care Settings: Africa expert consultation 

Date of publication: 
01 Jan 2017


Better Care Network
ACPF, The African Child Policy Forum
CRS, Catholic Relief Services
Family for every child
Hope and Homes for Children
Save The Children
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In 2014, the New York Working Group on Children without Parental Care and the Special Representative for the Secretary General (SRSG) on Violence Against Children (VAC) collaborated to initiate a series of regional expert consultations on children’s protection from neglect, abuse and exploitation against children in all care settings. These consultations aim to provide a platform for regional experts, from governments and civil society, to exchange promising practices, lessons learned and to identify progress and challenges in the implementation of the recommendations of the UN Study on Violence Against Children (2006) and of the Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children (2009). The first regional expert consultation on violence and care took place in the Latin American and Caribbean region in December 2014. The second one was held in Nairobi in June 2017 and was organized and hosted by the Better Care Network and the African Child Policy Forum, with support from Catholic Relief Services, Family for Every Child, Hope and Homes for Children and Save the Children. This report provides details of the latter two-day meeting.

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