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Home-based: Consultancy: CPiE Capacity Gap Analysis in the West & Central Africa Region

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Home-based: Consultancy: CPiE Capacity Gap Analysis in the West & Central Africa Region

Deadline for application: 
11 Nov 2019
Country(s) that the job is based in: 
Save the Children Sweden
Job type: 

Save the Children Sweden is seeking a consultant with the necessary experience, skills and capacity to deliver a high quality, value for money, Child Protection in Emergencies Capacity Gap Analysis in the West & Central Africa (WCA) region. 


The consultant(s) will conduct capacity gaps analysis in West and Central Africa region resulting in a comprehensive CPiE CGA report for WCA region which identifies:

  • Key Child Protection in Emergencies technical gaps present at the regional level
  • Existing and available capacity building products or initiatives
  • Recommendations on how best to integrate or complement existing capacity building initiatives aligned for WCA region
  • Recommended learning outcomes for a CPiE PDP programme


The consultant will conduct the regional capacity gap analysis using, adapting and drawing on the following tools, resources and methods:

  • Familiarization with the CPiE Professional Development Programme in terms of origins, development/evolution, structure and delivery modality - existing and planned.
  • Desk-based review of relevant literature, including previous capacity gap reports (e.g. global capacity gap analyses conducted and programme/sectoral CPiE relevant reports)
  • WCA CPiE Working Group workshop comprising presentation, focus group discussions and other activities in order to generate buy in
  • Review of WCA region CP and CPiE Job Descriptions from SC and other agencies
  • Key informant interviews (face to face or via Skype/other media) with inter-agency regional HR, PDQ, CP and CPiE staff identified as those most able to inform the capacity gap analysis
  • Survey (via Survey Monkey of MS Forms) with other CP and CPiE practitioners in the region considered a representative samples of the regional capacity gaps and needs
  • Validation session with the WCA CPiE WG in order to present and test initial findings ahead of report finalisation (probably remotely).

Please note the capacity gap research should be conducted in French language and the final report will need to be written in English.


The first point of contact for the consultant(s) will be the Senior CPiE Capacity Building Programme Manager, but it is expected for the consultant(s) to work in cooperation with the Humanitarian Capacity Building Programme Manager, the EiE Consultant working on a similar exercise and the CPiE Regional Advisor.

It is estimated that this project will take approximately 20 to 22 working days. 

The final deadline for the consultant(s) to submit their report (and if applicable, other deliverables) will be agreed upon with the Senior CPiE Capacity Building Programme Manager but will need to be completed before the end of December 2019.

The consultant(s) should present preliminary findings to the Senior CPiE Capacity Building Programme Manager prior to the final write-up of the report and learning outcomes. This will be arranged on a date of mutual convenience.


The deliverables expected in order to achieve the aims stated above is a report (in English of between 25-40 pages) which comprises the following:

  • A clear articulation of the methodology and tools and processes used for the capacity gap analysis. Raw data should also be made available.
  • A clearly evidenced presentation of findings of key technical and CPiE operational gaps framed around the revised version of the CPMS and previously conducted CPiE capacity gaps analysis.
  • A tabular list of any existing and available capacity building products or initiatives and any comments or feedback on them (in terms of how they already address the gaps identified or not, and potential for integrating with the CPiE PDP).
  • A list of key Regional CPiE actors by country (local, national and international) and an indication of their thematic expertise and priorities (as part of knowing the potential market for CPiE PDP courses/products).
  • Recommendations on contextually preferred and appropriate methodologies for the different CPiE actors or in terms of geographical, technical and professional areas of focus.
  • An annexe of the data and information gathered from the KIIs and survey and any other sources and methods.

Required experience and skills

  • Strong technical knowledge of Child Protection in Emergencies (CPiE), ideally from direct programmatic experience in WCA region.
  • Understanding of adult learning principles.
  • Excellent research background with experience conducting interviews, focus group discussions, surveys and literature reviews, and analysing, synthesising and presenting the results of these.
  • Fluency in English and French (both written and spoken).

Desirable experience and skills

  • Experience conducting capacity gaps analyses.
  • Experience of developing, assessing and/or delivering capacity building/learning initiatives in the humanitarian/development sector.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact Elena Giannini, CPiE Capacity Building Programme Manager, Save the Children Sweden, elena.giannini@rb.se

Application deadline

Please submit applications to elena.giannini@rb.se by November 11, 2019. Interviews are scheduled for November 14, 2019.

Requirements for those submitting proposals

Please provide the following information:
Company Information

Registered name of the person/organisation with which Save the Children would contract:
Company registration number:
Contact name/job title for enquiries:
Telephone number:
E-mail address:
  • Please provide details of three reference clients for which you have provided services similar to our requirements. References will only be taken up for shortlisted suppliers.
  • Please declare any contracts or connections with companies at potential conflict of interest with Save the Children.
  • Please declare any legal actions against you which are pending or underway.


  • Please provide a covering letter outlining how the consultant(s) meet the required (and if applicable, desired) skills and experience.
  • Please provide a CV for everybody who will work on the project.
  • Provide examples of previous experience (at least 2).


Please provide an interpretation of the ToR with detailed work plan and delivery timeframes of all activities and tasks (maximum two pages).


The price and rates quoted shall be the fully inclusive value of the services, excluding VAT, together with all general risks, liabilities and obligations, set out or implied, necessary to comply with conditions of contract and the Terms of Reference.

Please provide your proposed cost in the table below:

Work stage/activityDaily* rate

Proposed number
of hours/days

Total cost
TOTAL (Euro) 

* minimum of 7.5 hours per day

Other costs

If there are any further costs or expenses that you propose charging please detail these. Save the Children will not be liable for any additional costs that are not set out in the proposal.

Please set out any assumptions you have made in determining your proposed costs.

Payment terms

Full payment will be made within 30 days of timely receipt of all deliverables, unless negotiated otherwise and included in the contract.

Save the Children Sweden‘s financial vision is that every Euro counts for children. We are committed to reducing the charity’s operating costs so that maximum resource can be spent on programmes which directly benefit children. Should you be willing to provide any element of the products or services on a pro bono basis, offer a cost reduction, service enhancement or any other charitable support to the organisation, please set out your proposal.

Language(s) of the attached materials: 

Useful information


To contact us, you can send an email to info@alliancecpha.org.