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Home-based: Psychological Consultant For Children Affected by Emergencies

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Home-based: Psychological Consultant For Children Affected by Emergencies

Deadline for application: 
22 Nov 2019
ChildFund International
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In emergencies, girls and boys of all ages face increased risks to violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation. The Child-Friendly Space (CFS) approach has been used repeatedly over the past 15 years in emergency relief and recovery to respond to the needs of children and promote recovery following natural disasters and emergencies. The specific purpose of CFS is to bring a sense of normalcy to affected communities through providing protection, psychosocial recovery and well-being, informal learning, and a gateway to engaging the wider affected community. ChildFund International has been establishing Child-Centered Spaces (CCSs), Childfund’s (CF) own approach to CFSs, during and following emergencies for the past 10 years. The rational for implementation is grounded in ChildFund International’s commitments to education for all children, children’s rights, and protecting children from abuse and exploitation in dangerous environments while also promoting their positive development and well-being.

ChildFund is able to reach hard-to-access locations through its strategic work with local partners including conflict settings, remote areas, and politically sensitive regions. This approach reduces the initial costs required for the set up and recruitment of staff needed for CFS. Therefore, ChildFund is updating its guidance and implementation of CFS; shifting implementation from a “Space” set-up approach to a community-based child protection system strengthening approach. Through this process, ChildFund International will be able to deliver: Psychosocial Support for children and communities; as well as Child Protection Services, Community Mobilization and Support, and structured activities for the well-being of children and youth.

ChildFund’s Emergency Management Unit is seeking a Psychosocial expert that will support the development of a Psychosocial Support Training Package for children, adolescents, and community members- to be adopted by ChildFund country offices. The PSS training package is an integral part of the newly updated guidance on CFS that is currently under review at ChildFund. The new guidance includes nine (9) components that support implementation of high-quality child-friendly spaces interventions. Each component includes a list of activities that Staff can use during pre-positioning and implementation phases; a list of input indicators to monitor implementation; as well as tools that support swift implementation during Emergencies. The ToolBox outline:

I. Introduction

II. Coordination with government and relevant authorities including UN, International NGOS and Local NGOs.

III. Community Mobilization

IV. Building a Physical Safe Space

V. Outreach Component

VI. Structured Activities and Psychosocial Support- Specific Section on Youth.

VII. Child Protection and strengthening referral mechanism.

VIII. CFS transition to community.

IX. Monitoring and Evaluation

This consultancy will support the CFS team at ChildFund in developing structured activities and the psychosocial support component by developing a training package to be rolled-out in the field during CFS implementation. The package should capitalize on existing resources, including but not limited to: ChildFund, Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) and UN Migration -IOM, and Child Protection Minimum Standards (CPMS).

Scope of the Assignment:

ChildFund is seeking a consultant that will support the Emergency Team in developing a Training Package for staff and local partners on Community-Based Psychosocial Support. The training package will allow staff and local partners to:

  • “Improve the wellbeing of children and youth through provision of basic education and age appropriate group activities e.g. play, sports, art and craft, music;
  • Enhance resiliencies through structured skills and assets-based programming;
  • Address the specific needs of adolescents through leadership training, life skills such as Sexual and Reproductive Health, youth centered outings, cultural events, hiking and peer support groups;
  • Strengthen the capacity of family and community to protect children through positive parenting and discussion/support groups.”


Develop a training package based on existing materials available to ChildFund and other open source materials developed by other organizations. This includes but not limited to the following resources:

  • ChildFund Philippines ‘s PSS package.
  • ChildFund’s Voice Now! Youth Centered Design resource
  • Manual on Community-Based Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergencies and Displacements developed by IOM funded by USAID.
  • INEE Guidance Note on Psychosocial Support
  • Child Protection Minimum Standards on Mental Health and Psychosocial Standard.
  • IRC’s Girl Shine Package
  • Other materials identified by consultant.


ChildFund will utilize PSS guidance developed for Philippines as its main document; to align with child protection minimum standards and integrate community/family-approach based on the experiences of other agencies expert in the field identified by ChildFund Staff or consultant assigned for this mission. It is key that training package provide an overview of concepts; more importantly provide staff the skills and knowledge to build a PSS and recreational package that can be rolled-out in the field and contextualized according to the needs.

Location: Home-based

Consultancy Manager: Radwa el Manssy Snr. Child Protection in Emergency Advisor.

Description of the Assignment: Roles and Responsibilities

Key Tasks


Review of CPMS 2nd edition pillar and available resources that support the design of Training Package.

  • An outline of the training package including modules, time of each module and reference resources that will be used.

Deliver a draft of training package on community-based PSS.

  • A Facilitator Guides, Presentations and Handouts and list of resources.

Finalize a training package for ChildFund after receiving feedback from ChildFund.

  • A training package that includes the revision of ChildFund International Staff. The final training package must include: A) a background on methodology, target audience and an outline of the training package. B) A facilitator guide for each day, presentations in PowerPoint, handouts and resource list.

  • All training package will be provided electronically and must be open for editing.

  • All training package must be edited in English with no language errors.

How to apply:



Useful information


To contact us, you can send an email to info@alliancecpha.org.