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Home-based: Rebranding of the Interagency Child Protection in Emergencies Training Packages – Volunteer(s) needed

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Home-based: Rebranding of the Interagency Child Protection in Emergencies Training Packages – Volunteer(s) needed

Deadline for application: 
30 Sep 2019
The Alliance
Job type: 
Internship/Volunteer Opportunity

Location: Home based

Duration of Volunteer work: 1-30 days (within a period of September 2019 - December 2019) 

The time investment of each volunteer is flexible and can be adapted to any constraints. 


The Alliance's mission is to support the efforts of humanitarian actors to achieve high-quality and effective child protection interventions in humanitarian contexts, in both refugee and non-refugee settings. As a global network of operational agencies, academic institutions, policymakers, donors and practitioners, the Alliance facilitates inter-agency technical collaboration on child protection in all humanitarian contexts. It sets standards and produces technical guidance for use by the various stakeholders. The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) currently co-leads the Alliance with Plan International.

The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action facilitates inter-agency collaboration on normative work, including standard-setting and development of technical guidance. It also provides its members with technical support and guidance where needed. The Alliance’s work falls into five categories, one of which is:

  • Capacity-building, learning and development:The Alliance develops technical capacity for child protection by identifying, expanding and strengthening the CPHA workforce; mapping capacity gaps; defining priorities and strategic direction for capacity development; and providing learning opportunities, both face-to-face and remote. The Capacity-building, learning and development work stream is a permanent work stream managed by the Learning and Development Working Group (LDWG). As a permanent work stream and given the extensive nature of the role of leading the LDWG it was agreed that the LDWG would have its own focal point to work with the LDWG leadership group and LDWG members to support the work plan.

The Learning and Development Working Group (LDWG) is focused on the learning and development objectives within the Alliance work plan for 2018-2020. The working group has the overall outcomes of bridging the human resource capacity and competence gaps for child protection in humanitarian action, by focusing on: increasing learning and development opportunities for CPHA actors at global, regional and national levels; developing and making accessible high quality learning material and supports for CPHA actors at all levels and across stages of emergencies; and ensuring CPHA professional, interagency developments and opportunities correspond with up to date capacity gaps, competencies and needs. 

LDWG Work Plan Outcome 2018-2020: 

“Bridging the Human Resource Capacity and Competence Gaps for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action.”


The overall goal of this work is to support the L&D WG Focal Point in rebranding inter agency packages with the new Alliance logo and templates.

Prioritised Packages

IA Training Packages


Case management training manual - English


Case management training manual - French


Case management training manual - Arabic


CPRA Training - English (2014)


CPMS Frontline Workers Workshop Materials English


CPRA Assessors package 2014


CPWG Pedagogical Approaches TOT


Ice Breakers_Energisers_Short Activities_Grab Bag




Key Competencies

  • In-depth experience with IT tools and computer skills; especially Word and Powerpoint 
  • Expertise with graphic design would be an asset (and access to applications like Adobe, Indesign etc)
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Excellent skills in written English language, interpersonal communication at a distance and collaborative project management
  • Autonomy & Attention to details

How to Apply

Qualified candidates are requested to submit CV to: learning@alliancecpha.org, specifying as email title: “Rebranding of IA CPiE Training Packages Application_ NAME”


Useful information


To contact us, you can send an email to info@alliancecpha.org.