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Jordan: Case Manager

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Jordan: Case Manager

Deadline for application: 
28 Jul 2019
Terre des hommes Foundation Child Relief
Job type: 

Case Manager

With the support and under the supervision of the Case Managers Supervisor (CMS), the Case Manager (CM) works directly with beneficiaries in the office or in home visit and is in charge of helping individual children and families through direct social-work type support, and contributes to the information management system.

The incumbent commits to observe discretion on any information related to the organization functioning.

The incumbent will conduct his or her duties in respect of the Charter of Terre des hommes (Tdh) and Tdh Safeguarding Policy.

The incumbent commits to ensure high level of children participation and will always work in the best interest of the child.

Tdh intervenes without any affiliation for politics, religion or financial profit. The incumbent will direct his or her activities and engagements without preoccupation of political, racial or religious affiliation.

Tdh expects that its staff and contractors’ professional conduct reflect proper behaviour in accordance with local culture and traditions. The incumbent assures the moral protection of the name of Tdh and defends in all circumstances the interests of the movement.

Specific Responsibilities

Case management

· Participate in the design and update of tools used by the protection team such as the case identification and selection criteria, the vulnerability criteria, the case management steps, etc.

· Identify cases through regular contacts and visits in the community and areas of intervention.

· Receive cases referred by other Tdh departments, local partners and agencies as per the Interagency Emergency Standard Operational Procedures for Prevention of and Response to Gender Based Violence and Child Protection in Jordan (SOPs).

· Create a family file for each case received and file all cases according to specified criteria.

· Conduct initial assessment using adequate tools (assessment form and best interest's assessment BIA). During the interview and field visits, collect quantitative and qualitative data to analyze the situation and needs in order to define the most appropriate responses.

· Prioritize cases according to risk level and based on Tdh vulnerability criteria;

· Design an action plan, in close collaboration with the family and the children, addressing the needs of the case and get validation of the line supervisor.

· Provide beneficiaries with information about Tdh and other services available for beneficiaries in the north.

· Conduct regular contacts/home visits of the selected beneficiaries to follow up on the agreed work plan and its progress and facilitate the good implementation of the work plan.

· Ensure that progress is regularly reviewed.

· Regularly monitor and support children and families through home visits, providing guidance, advice and emotional support, community mediation and referrals.

· Ensure children receive multidisciplinary support.

· Organize internal assistance delivery following defined work plan, procedures and mechanisms.

· Conduct regular mapping and update of the other organizations assisting vulnerable individuals and families as well as of the services they deliver (type, criteria for assistance provision, cost, etc.) based on Unicef, UNHCR’s and Inter-Agency mapping in Jordan.

· Prepare regular reports on families supported and or referred; update family and individual files according to each case development (action plan and follow-up).

· Collect and provide any other qualitative and quantitative data requested by the CMS and proceed with data entry on a daily basis.

è During the whole process, the Case Manager manages cases in line with SOP, adheres to standard documentation process and follows best practices guidance.

Capacity building

· Participate in capacity building needs assessment.

· Prepare (training materials, training tools, organization of training, follow up, etc.) and conduct training/ coaching according to the training needs identified.


· Participate when needed in project assessments: surveys, data collection, filling questionnaires and forms, data entry, conducting interviews, FGD, etc.

Monitoring and Reporting

· Regularly ask the feedback and the level of satisfaction of the beneficiaries to adapt the support.

· Follow up the external referrals to other service providers and ensure that the takeover is done as fast as possible.

· Organize post distribution monitoring report to evaluate the satisfaction with the distribution, assistance process and to analyze the adequacy of the support.

· Update the CM database regularly and ensure appropriate follow up and action.

Coordination, Meeting & Representation

· Participate in Irbid monthly meeting.

· Attend external meeting (coordination or referral meeting) when requested.

· Participate in weekly case-management meetings.

· Participate in monthly meetings with the parents, together with the activity supervisors.

· Participate to case management meetings with the CMS and field coordinator, when necessary involve other Tdh departments or agencies.

· Participate in organizing community events about child protection issues.

· Liaise with other NGOS for events, campaign and services available in the area.

· Ensure communication and coordination with other departments / team about internal referrals.


· Make sure to respect strict confidentiality of information about activities, Tdh strategy, budget, staff, beneficiaries, etc.


· Comply with Tdh Security Regulations.

· Inform and share any incident or information related to the security of staff and beneficiaries to the line- Manager.

Safeguarding Policy

· Commit to respect the Tdh Safeguarding Policy and principles of child protection;

· Commit to ensure the best implementation possible of the Safeguarding Policy in Jordan;

· Commit to inform Child Safeguarding Focal Point and to deal with any cases, allegations, or possibility of transgression, even potential, of the Safeguarding Policy.


The post holder is polite, respectful, honest, punctual (and respects deadlines), creative, pacifist, proactive, committed and – during office hours – non-political. S/he is in constant exchange with colleagues and supervisors, communicates problems and enriches discussions. S/he treats people of different religion, age, sex, and economic status appropriate and equally and actively ensures their wellbeing and raises his/her voice when required. S/he is willing to improve own capacities and is open for all topics Tdh is working on to actively contribute to a comprehensive programme implementation.

S/he uses Tdh equipment, vehicles and premises, internet and electricity economically and responsibly. S/he positively represents Tdh to beneficiaries, stake holders and the general public.

Abuse Prevention Policy (CSP) - Operational Risk Management

  • The post holder complies with the Child Safeguarding Policy, Safety Policy and Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy.
  • S/he reports any breach observed in the framework of this policy during his/her professional activities both as regards the proven or suspected offence and a preventive breach.

Tdh Regulations and Policies:

  • The post holder abides by all internal rules, regulations and policies.
  • This version supersedes all previous versions.
  • I have read, understood and accepted the terms of this Job Description

Qualifications Requested:

  • Technical diploma or degree in social work, human rights, or related degree preferred
  • Minimum of 1 year experience of implementing child protection programs, preferable social work or case management, in humanitarian or development settings
  • Demonstrated understanding of working with children and particularly vulnerable children
  • Personal qualities: Team player, flexible, strong communication skills with children and caregivers, analytical skills, network-builder, able to handle pressure well and work in cross-cultural setting.
  • Fluency in English and/or (other languages) preferred or required

This job description may be amended based on the changed context.

Any change to the proposed tasks will be discussed with area operation manager. A high degree of flexibility on the part of all staff is expected.

How to apply:

For interested applicants, please send your updated resumes to the below email address - maximum by Sunday/ July 28, 2019- with the following email title >> NAME OF APPLICANT / Position.



Note: Any email with a title that does not have the required information will be disregarded

Useful information


To contact us, you can send an email to info@alliancecpha.org.