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Lebanon: PSS trainer consultant

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Lebanon: PSS trainer consultant

Deadline for application: 
28 Jan 2020
Country(s) that the job is based in: 
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Project Title: Community resilience through an integrated education and protection approach for Lebanese and refugee children in Mount Lebanon and Bekaa”

Funded by AICS (Italian Agency for Development Cooperation)

Lebanon, January 2020

Presentation of INTERSOS Lebanon

INTERSOS is a humanitarian organization that works all over the world bringing assistance to people in danger victims of natural disasters and armed conflicts.

INTERSOS has been in Lebanon since 2006. In 2013, with the worsening of the Syrian crisis, INTERSOS expanded its operations in the country, specifically in 4 different governorates through 4 field bases in Mount Lebanon, Tripoli, Tyre and Bekaa, focusing on protection, education, WASH (including solid waste management) and shelter.

Project Background


INTERSOS is working in Lebanon since 2012 enhancing the protection response for both Lebanese and Syrians population. INTERSOS is now developing a mid-term strategy able to empower the existing institutional Lebanese system, answering to the existing needs with a long-term approach, focusing on prevention and transfer of knowledge in the protection response.


In June 2019 INTERSOS received a grant from AICS (Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development) to implement an education and protection project in the Mount Lebanon and Beqaa region titled, “Community resilience through an integrated education and protection approach for Lebanese and refugee children in Mount Lebanon and Bekaa”. This project aims to improve the psychosocial well-being of minors, facilitating access to education and quality social protection services in five Lebanese municipalities: Bchtfine (Chouf), Bhamdoun (Aley), Falougha (Baabda), Souairi (West Bekaa, Nasriyet Rizik (Zahle).

Under this project, INTERSOS will implement a psychosocial component, including a pilot activity for 225 children based on existing video-based puppetry methodology.

The Puppetry Videos “Red Top, Blue Top” and “In the Shadows” contain a set of key messages revolving around peace building and trauma healing respectively, and were developed specifically to empower children through building their resilience and wellbeing. The videos are designed for the Middle Eastern context and have specific M&E tools to track impact.

The PSS trainer consultant is expected to design the PSS sessions based on the videos, to ensure that the project staff are in capacity to properly implement them, and to conduct an analysis on the impact of the sessions.

Objectives of the consultancy and timing

The PSS trainer consultant will be in charge of:

· Providing general PSS training to project team (3 or 4 days).

· Based on the video, and with the project staff, elaborating the general plan for      the PSS sessions (1 or 2 days).

· Producing the PSS manual for the 12 sessions for each video.

· Organizing and facilitating a 2 to 3 days training of facilitators for the project          staff in order to ensure the appropriation and utilization of the PSS manual.

· Producing an M&E report

More in details, the following activities and deliverables are expected:

  1. To develop and facilitate a 5 days workshop to the Project staff, covering general PSS topics (general PSS, CP, resilience, identification and referral) plus a working session on the videos to elaborate a collaborative PSS session plan with the participants.


  • 5 days workshop material (organization, presentation, technics…).

  • Training report (including pre and post-tests results).

  • Output of the training: a general structure of the 24 PSS sessions (12 per video).

  • Based on the workshop, the consultant will develop the final PSS manual for 12 PSS session per video (total of 24 sessions). The PSS manual will include an introduction on PSS, definition, principles, resilience, child protection, CP minimum standards, principles as well as on the puppetry methodology and will detail for each session the objective of the session, the duration, the key messages, techniques, activities, role of facilitator and M&E tools to be used.


  • Training manual.

  • Develop and facilitate 2 or 3 days Training of Facilitator to present the manual and its utilization.


  • 3 days training material.

  • Training report (including pre and post test results).

  • Produce an analysis of the pilot Puppetry activity based on the M&E existing tools and data collected by staff after the implementation phase and a general context analysis stating the impact on beneficiaries’ resiliency and providing recommendations.


  • A report stating the impact of resilience and recommendations. The report will be structured as follows:

o Executive summary

o Introduction

o Context

o Objective and assessment criteria (to be focused on psychological resilience)

o Tools, methodology applied, limitation

o Findings

o Recommendations and Best Practices

  • A 10 slides PPT summarizing the main aspects of the Puppetry methodology and findings of the assessment to be used internally and externally.

Indicative Timing:

The global duration for the whole process is foreseen to be a maximum of 4 months, with a starting date preferably mid-February. With the following indicative timetable.

Task / deliverable: Date

Briefing with project management: 17th of February

5 days PSS workshop for project team: 9th of March

Final version PSS Manual: 30st of March

2 days Training of Facilitators: 7th of April

Possible field coaching: 27th of April

Final version of impact report: 29th of May

Other considerations

  • The consultant must uphold the utmost confidentiality with all data throughout the evaluation period and after the work has been completed.

  • Upon delivery of final document, the consultant relinquishes intellectual property right of all documents to INTERSOS.

  • The Project Manager or his authorized representative shall be the primary contact person during the consultancy period.


  • University Degree in Social Work, Psychology or equivalent

  • Training skills (design and facilitation) with relevant experience

  • Experience in Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Fluent in English and Arabic

  • Excellent writing skills in English -

  • Knowledge of the Lebanese and/or Middle East context

How to apply:

The evaluator or evaluation team will have to submit the CV and an expression of interest composed of:

  • A technical proposal of 3 pages maximum stating the understanding of the Term of References, the foreseen methodology, and an indicative timeframe.

  • A detailed CV with references for similar previous assignments.

  • A financial proposal detailing the number of days and fees foreseen.

All submissions should be emailed to pss.expert.lebanon@intersos.org, copying pm.edu.lebanon@interso.org, before the 30/01/2019 with the subject “Puppetry consultant.”

The consultant should take care for his/her own legal and fiscal duties and s/he should be duly registered as such to be able to deliver receipt for the service.

Language(s) of the attached materials: 

Useful information


To contact us, you can send an email to info@alliancecpha.org or use the form on our contact page