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Elimu Mwangaza Tanzania

Elimu Mwangaza Tanzania is a non government organization dedicated to ending child abuse and violence and to supporting vulnerable girls and boys' access quality education in Tanzania.

Our aim is to raise awareness in the community, train children on their rights and responsibilities, and build the capacity of targeted primary schools and communities to address security, moral and discipline issues which affect children’s learning. Moreover, the organisation is dedicated to develop safety standards for children in schools; and increase the awareness of the general community on how to judge the level of safety of a school.

Children, especially the most vulnerable children, deserve the highest standards of care and protection. Standards provide the basis for agencies to develop effective ways of keeping children safe. The standards ensure that through awareness, good practice and robust systems and procedures, staff and other representatives are able to keep children safe from harm. Protection systems in many countries are often weak, and leave agencies and staff facing complex child protection dilemmas

We, currently promote child protection through sports in ChemChem Primary school in Arusha Chini ward in Moshi. The organization also supports vulnerable children from poor families to access learning materials such as exercise books and pens. The support to vulnerable children and sport aim to unite children, fight against bullying and reducing truancy and drop outs. The organization aims to build skills of duty bearers on child protection and the mechanisms to address child abuse, and violence against children.

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