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Hope Springs Haven

Hope springs Haven is a locally-registered, Christian, Community Based Non-profit Organisation located in Wakiso District, Uganda. It is a Holistic Care Program for Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children (OVCs) that has been set up to transform the lives of these children so that they may reach their full potential and live a life of hope and dignity. The organisation has been named so because we believe it will be a place of restoration where children will find springs of hope and experience a turning point in their lives. 

The vision of Hope Springs Haven is “Abundant Life for Every Child”. The Mission is to holistically equip OVCs, enabling them to reach their full potential, live sustainable lives, and become change agents in their communities. We demonstrate God’s love and faith in action to vulnerable children irrespective of their background. We seek to find longer-term solutions to meeting the needs of vulnerable children by empowering their families and caregivers as well. Hope Springs Haven works in partnership with other International and Local Organizations, community leaders, churches and other volunteers. Hope Springs Haven Core Program areas are:

  • Education 
  • Health promotion
  • Child Protection
  • Psychosocial Support / Spiritual Nurture
  • Family Strengthening / Empowerment

The specific objectives of the Organization are:

  • Education: To Increase opportunity for the vulnerable children to access education and acquire a skill for self-sustainability.
  • Health: To improve Health through promotion of proper sanitation and hygiene practices and increase the knowledge of HIV/AIDS among the vulnerable children, their families and community thereby enabling them make informed and healthy life choices as well as receiving appropriate care.
  • Psychosocial support: To improve on the psychosocial wellbeing of OVCs and their families through counselling, spiritual nurture and empowerment with other life skills that will boost their self-esteem and self-worth as well as enabling them to make sound decisions. 
  • Child Protection: To mainstream Child Protection within our area of operation and support other stakeholders to strengthen the child protection agenda in order to ensure that children are protected against all forms of abuse and rights violation.
  • Family Strengthening: To empower families / care takers as well as the community, with livelihood and positive parenting skills enabling them improve standards of living and provide a loving and supportive home environment for the children.

Target beneficiaries:

  • Orphans and other vulnerable children 
  • Out of school children
  • Out of school youths 
  • Vulnerable girls from the neighboring schools
  • Children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS
  • Families of the OVCs
  • Families with out of school children
  • Families affected by HIV/AIDs 
  • Families with chronically ill care takers
  • Families in extreme poverty situations
  • Child headed families
  • Families with single an/or elderly parents
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To contact us, you can send an email to info@alliancecpha.org.