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What's new in the area of child protection? Find out with these updates from Alliance Working Groups, Task Forces and Members.

22 Dec 2018
Dear Partners of the Alliance, As we draw 2018 to a close, we wanted to reflect on the year we are leaving behind and lay out our ambitions for the one we are entering. We must admit, 2018 has not been a good year for children. Despite tireless...
17 Dec 2018
The Girls First Fund (GFF) is requesting applications for grants to prevent and respond to child marriage and early unions. In 2019, GFF will make one-year (12-month), core support and project support grants of up to USD $50,000 in six pilot...
17 Dec 2018
Studies have consistently shown that orphanage care often exposes children to serious harm, neglect and abuse, can seriously impact a child’s physical and psychological development, and is often much more expensive than family or community-based...
11 Dec 2018
UNICEF Innocenti has produced two podcasts that take a deeper look at research on the themes of migration and gender-based violence and their impacts on children.  In The Role of Research on Migration: Insights on Migrants’ Experiences, migration...
06 Dec 2018
Following a high-level conference on implementing the prohibition of corporal punishment held between 15-16 November in Stockholm, Sweden, the Non-Violent Childhoods program has released a set of technical guidance reports promoting the positive and...
06 Dec 2018
The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is delighted to present Girl Shine--a program model and resource package that seeks to support, protect, and empower adolescent girls in humanitarian settings. Girl Shine has been designed to help contribute...
04 Dec 2018
Thousands of unaccompanied and separated children are at daily risk of sexual and gender-based violence along the world’s migratory trails, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) warns in a new report, Alone and...
30 Nov 2018
The Interagency Learning Initiative (ILI) on Community-based Child Protection Mechanisms (CBCPMs) and Systems met in Entebbe, Uganda on 13-15 November 2018. The following Communiqué was created by the ILI to summarize the meeting.  We came together...
27 Nov 2018
The Alliance held its 1-day Annual Meeting in Nairobi, Kenya on 17 October 2018, conjoining the Alliance-INEE Roundtable. Approximately 150 practitioners from a wide range of agencies were in attendance.  UNICEF Global Chief of Child Protection,...
27 Nov 2018
The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action (The Alliance) and the Inter-Agency Network of Education in Emergencies (INEE), in partnership with Elevate Children Funders Group and International Education Funders Group, held a joint...


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