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2019 Edition of the CPMS

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2019 Edition of the CPMS

It is with great pride that the global Child Protection Minimum Standards Working Group (CPMS WG) of the Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action (The Alliance) unveils the 2019 Edition of the CPMS.

The CPMS endeavours to be both comprehensive and concise. In order to accomplish that goal, we have developed a set of online-only materials that complement and complete the print version. Those materials are collected here and will be periodically updated as needed:

The 2019 edition of the CPMS (along with other standards) is available on the Humanitarian Standards Partnership app.

To support your use of the 2019 Edition of the CPMS, the Alliance has also developed the following:

• Summary of the 2019 Edition of the CPMS
• What's New in the 2019 Edition? (2 pager)
• What's New in the 2019 Edition? (Powerpoint)

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I’ve been living in a hallway for over a year. -- Asylum seeker, 15, Germany “The first time I visited a camp in Hamburg, I was surprised,” said Pia Schmalhaus, Child Protection in Emergencies Specialist at Plan International Germany. “Over 500...
In Serbia, we are now working to protect children in the context of the European refugee and migrant crisis (…) We have faced multiple challenges in recent years (…) In 2013, for example, extensive flooding meant that one third of the national...
We were really charting new territory with this translation project (…) You should understand the context here in China: it’s only in recent years that the number of civil society organizations engaged in social services such as child protection has...
Hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes as a result of the fighting between armed groups and government forces in Eastern Ukraine that broke out in April 2014. The conflict has affected over 3.7 million, of which 3.1...
I used to get a lot of trouble at school, and I was mixed up with a bad crowd. That’s what led me to join an armed group. Ever since my release, when the local NGO started supporting me, I’ve been on the straight and narrow. I got good marks and...
Angelo, 16, manages a kiosk selling rice and snacks outside his local barangay council’s meeting room. Supported by the council, together with Plan International’s Child Labour programme, Angelo’s microenterprise is flourishing. He brings home at...


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