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Global Case Management Online Learning Series

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Global Case Management Online Learning Series

The Case Management Task Force (CMTF) is launching a Global Case Management Online Learning Series where Child Protection practitioners are invited to participate, learn, and engage with global resources to support case management in humanitarian settings.

What will I learn from the Online Learning Series?

The Online Learning Series in an innovative approach to respond to the demand for more technical guidance, resources and support on case management. The CMTF will be introducing key inter-agency global resources for Child Protection and Case Management. We will be exploring the practical uses of each resource to improve our responses to children affected by humanitarian disasters through strengthening the capacity and quality of case management for the most vulnerable children.

Who is the Online Learning Series for?

The primary audience for the Online Learning Series are country-level technical groups working on CP case management in humanitarian settings. This may be a country, or regional Case Management Task Force or Child Protection Working Group. International and field level emergency responders who have an interest or are actively working with vulnerable children in humanitarian settings are also welcome to join the learning series.

For the whole series: https://casemanagement.alliancechpa.org

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12 Oct 2019
The Case Management Comptencies and Skills Framework can be used as a guide to recruit and build the capacity of caseworkers and supervisors. The framework ensures all staff have appropriate skills and competencies to carry out case management...
12 Oct 2019
The Caseworker Capacity Assessment Tool (from the CM Supervision and Coaching package) is a practical resource used to assess the caseworker’s attitudes, knowledge and skills. These are minimum competency standards for all caseworkers providing case...
23 Aug 2019
These Case Management Minimum Indicators were developed for the 2019 Edition of the Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action (CPMS). They provide measurable benchmarks to assess the quality of case management in humanitarian...
23 Aug 2019
The prevalent use of case management in humanitarian settings as an approach to respond to the child protection needs of individual children has led to an increased emphasis on the importance of being able to assess the quality of the response and...
23 Aug 2019
Inter-agency Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) guide Child Protection Case Management programming in humanitarian settings by enabling service providers to harmonise and standardise services and approaches for children and families. Many...

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