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Protection of Children during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Technical Note on COVID-19 + CPHA
Protection of Children during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Alliance has now produced a version 2 of the technical note on the protection of children during the COVID-19 pandemic. The aim of this brief is to support child protection practitioners to better respond to the child protection risks during a COVID-19 pandemic. Part 1 presents the potential child protection risks COVID-19 can pose to children. Part 2 presents programmatic options in line with the 2019 Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action (CPMS) and the Guidance Note: Protection of Children During Infectious Disease Outbreaks.

Annexes include:

• Technical Note: Child Helplines and the Protection of Children during the COVID-19 Pandemic
• Key Messages and Considerations for Programming for Children Associated with Armed Forces or Armed Groups
• Working with Communities to Keep Children Safe 
• Technical Note: COVID-19 and Child Labour
• COVID 19: Protecting Children from Violence, Abuse and Neglect in the Home
• Social Service Workforce Safety and Wellness during the COVID-19 Response: Recommended Actions
• Protection of Children during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Children and Alternative Care
• Technical Note: COVID-19 and Children Deprived of their Liberty

The webinar series for these technical notes can be found here and the Protected! Podcast: COVID-19 Edition can be found here. You are also welcome to join the Child Protection and COVID-19 Forum for peer support.

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21 May 2020
Online child sexual exploitation is a global crime that requires a coordinated global response, particularly at a time when children and offenders are spending more time online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The WePROTECT Global Alliance (WPGA)...
21 May 2020
Reports of a “perfect storm” are brewing for millions of children and women around the world, staying indoors. COVID-19 has unleashed a wave of international concern for increasing violence inside the home. Across the globe countries are expanding...
21 May 2020
ARNEC is pleased to host a series of webinars highlighting the important role of early childhood development (ECD) in responding to the unintentional impacts of COVID-19 as countries implement measures to contain the spread of the corona virus....
21 May 2020
Virus fears compound existing discrimination and violence for returned migrant children, leaving them doubly at risk, UNICEF warns NEW YORK, 21 May 2020 – Since early March, at least 1,000 unaccompanied migrant children have been returned from the...
20 May 2020
Please be sure to register first here on Zoom. -  Infectious diseases like COVID-19 can disrupt the protective environments in which children grow and develop. Disruptions to families, friendships, daily routines and the wider community can have...
20 May 2020
Girls and women in Jordan are at greater risk of gender-based violence due to COVID-19 lockdowns. They are also less able to access sexual and reproductive health services or earn an income, an assessment has found. The COVID-19 crisis in Jordan is...
19 May 2020
Please use this registration link for this webinar. This webinar will be a presentation of the Alliance's technical note on the protection of children during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well information on the additional annexes. Guest panelists will...
19 May 2020
World Vision global study: Children concerned about school disruptions, emotional distress, and increasing poverty during COVID-19 The Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) emergency continues to be an overwhelming challenge in the Philippines as the...
19 May 2020
“Protected!” is the official podcast of the Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action. Hani Mansourian, the Alliance's Co-coordinator, is a passionate practitioner with years of experience in humanitarian action. He hosts this frank...
18 May 2020
Virtual courts expedite the release of the children awaiting trial amid COVID-19 pandemic DHAKA, 14 May 2020 – UNICEF welcomes the release of the first group of children who are held in detention facilities while awaiting trial. As a response to the...


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