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Protection of Children during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Technical Note on COVID-19 + CPHA
Protection of Children during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Alliance has now produced a version 2 of the technical note on the protection of children during the COVID-19 pandemic. The aim of this brief is to support child protection practitioners to better respond to the child protection risks during a COVID-19 pandemic. Part 1 presents the potential child protection risks COVID-19 can pose to children. Part 2 presents programmatic options in line with the 2019 Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action (CPMS) and the Guidance Note: Protection of Children During Infectious Disease Outbreaks.

Annexes include:

• Technical Note: Child Helplines and the Protection of Children during the COVID-19 Pandemic
• Key Messages and Considerations for Programming for Children Associated with Armed Forces or Armed Groups
• Working with Communities to Keep Children Safe 
• Technical Note: COVID-19 and Child Labour
• COVID 19: Protecting Children from Violence, Abuse and Neglect in the Home
• Social Service Workforce Safety and Wellness during the COVID-19 Response: Recommended Actions
• Protection of Children during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Children and Alternative Care
• Technical Note: COVID-19 and Children Deprived of their Liberty

The webinar series for these technical notes can be found here and the Protected! Podcast: COVID-19 Edition can be found here. You are also welcome to join the Child Protection and COVID-19 Forum for peer support.

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06 Apr 2020
Migrant and displaced children are at heightened risk to the immediate and secondary impacts of COVID-19. They often live in cramped conditions with limited access to WASH, may be in immigration detention, and can be hardest to reach with accurate...
03 Apr 2020
The document developed by UNICEF at the link below discusses the following our key messages for States on refoulement, detention, push-backs and deportations of asylum-seeking and migrant children in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic:  States ...
03 Apr 2020
Input Requested  The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action is collaborating with the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance, UNICEF and the International Federation of Social Workers, their network members and all of you to quickly...
02 Apr 2020
The webinar recording can be found here. ---- Where: https://unicef.zoom.us/j/910828602 Children in refugee contexts are at heightened risks of abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence risks during the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, the Alliance...
01 Apr 2020
EORE (Explosive Ordnance Risk Education) Advisory Group is pleased to invite you to participate in the first EORE-COVID Webinar. Webinar recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUKR9jf6-r4  Tentative Agenda: 1.           Short introduction: EORE...
01 Apr 2020
Introduction This note aims to provide practical guidance to child protection (CP) actors and actors in other sectors to facilitate safe child protection service provision during the COVID-19 pandemic and related control measures in north-east...
01 Apr 2020
Children are particularly vulnerable during infectious disease outbreaks for three main reasons: 1. Children have specific susceptibilities to infection during infectious disease outbreaks; 2. Infectious diseases can disrupt the environments in...
01 Apr 2020
With the increasing number of affected countries, confirmed and suspected cases, and mortality rates in March 2020, a holistic humanitarian preparedness, response and recovery effort requires flexible adaptive tools. World Vision International (...
01 Apr 2020
The COVID-19 Pandemic is a public health, social and economic crisis that is global in scale. With restrictions on travel and movement, civil society and humanitarian organizations play a critical role in supporting governments to respond. All...
27 Mar 2020
This guidance from the UK Department for Education and the Department for Public Health England answers some key questions regarding meeting the needs of vulnerable children during the COVID-19 crisis, including children in care and children with a ...


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