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TOCH South Sudan

TOCH was formed in 2008 when a group of concerned youths came together to discuss the rise of communal violence and subsequent insecurity issues affecting children, youth and women.

Since signing of Comprehensive Peace Agreement(CPA) in 2005; triangle Areas (Warrap, Unity and Lakes states) witness both tribal, sectional and clans fighting among different communities within and with their neighbouring counties and states. Most of the conflicts occurred amongst them due to the following reasons:

  • Cattle wrestling and revenge attacks for the past raids and killings;
  • Child abduction and targeting of women and girls for forced marriages;
  • Rooted enmity Dinka versus Nuer communities and within their sections;
  • Poverty, illiteracy, inequality and ignorance among communities;
  • Competition over limited resources like water points and grazing lands; and
  • Availability of illicit arms among the civilians.

All these conflicts killed and displaced many, especially children, women and youth. It has also left the areas insecure and created negative impact on humanitarian intervention to take place as the areas are being considered insecure throughout and work is based on emergency only.

Due to all mentioned above issues, TOCH wanted to cultivate culture of peace and tolerance by working with grass-root communities to restore peace and harmony within the communities through projects initiated by them.

Vision: Envisioning just, prosperous and peaceful communities

Mission: Empowering grassroots communities to protect mitigate and resolve conflicts in a peaceful and sustainable manner.


  • To conduct systemic research on the historical and current manifestations of communal conflicts and the impact they have on children, youth and women;
  • To work with conflict-affected communities in designing and implementing conflict-resolution mechanisms;
  • To advocate to local, national and international stakeholders about on-going community conflicts and resolutions strategies;
  • To conduct Civic education and community sensitization on Human Rights, Children and Women Rights, Laws of South Sudan, Democracy and Good Governance, etc.;
  • To enhance protection of children and their families through child protection in emergency, gender-based violence and child rights programming;
  • To support education in emergencies among conflict affected areas for children;
  • To support food security and livelihoods programming for recovery in the areas affected; and
  • To empower women and youth to respond to conflict resolution and mitigation as agent of peace.

Core Values:

  • We Care for children and advocate for their rights;
  • We uphold and practice transparency and accountability;
  • We back gender equity and value girls and women in our programming;
  • We promote non-violent approaches to issues; and
  • We are responsive.
Country of registration: 
South Sudan

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To contact us, you can send an email to info@alliancecpha.org.