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01 Jan 2018
Violence against youth is a global issue; one form of youth victimization is school corporal punishment. This study used baseline assessments from a cluster randomized controlled trial to examine the prevalence of school corporal punishment, by...
01 Jan 2018
This report provides information on the current status of the social service workforce in the eight countries in South Asia. It is structured around global-level indicators outlined in UNICEF's ‘Social Service Workforce Strengthening Programme...
01 Jan 2015
Child protection is a priority area for Plan International that focuses on community based child protection (local) mechanisms with the aim of creating protective networks and environments to ensure protection of all children and to contribute...
01 Jan 2014
In 2012, Plan ARO commissioned a regional evaluation of the overall effectiveness of community based child protection mechanisms supported by Plan Asia and their contribution to improved protection of children from all forms of violence. The reports...
01 Jan 2012
Cash and Child Protection reviews evidence from programmes where cash injections into households are explicitly intended to achieve child protection outcomes. Case studies are included of programmes providing cash grants to foster carers for...
01 Jan 2012
This comparative analysis report presents learning from a participatory research process that has taken place over nine months, involving over 500 children and almost 800 adults. These children and adults represented community-based child protection...
01 Jan 2012
These reports provide an overview of community based child protection systems as a contribution to a regional comparative analysis on community based child protection mechanisms supported by Plan in the Asia region. The overall objective of this...
01 Jan 2010
A comprehensive communication framework is under development that will help address the longer-term child protection issues in North Sindh. In the interim, this ‘quick guide’ will help child protection practitioners start immediately communicating...
01 Jan 2009
These materials educate people about the dangers of unexploded mines and how to respond if they are identified.   Alliance Materials
01 Jan 2009
This report is a synthesis of Save the Children Sweden’s work in emergencies in Africa, and it provides a useful overview of the community-based approach being used in emergencies to protect children and to promote their rights, both in theory and...

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