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01 Jan 2017
PEPFAR’s OVC programming delivers child-focused, family-centered interventions that seek to improve wellbeing and mitigate the impact of HIV and AIDS on children and families. This effort involves working in partnership with children and families to...
01 Jan 2017
This curriculum was developed with the DRC Ministry of Social Affairs (MINAS) and various key stakeholders involved in child protection in the DRC including UNICEF, War Child, the REEJER network of NGOs working with street-children, and other...
01 Jan 2017
Catholic Relief Services has developed a facilitator’s guide to help organizations develop or further strengthen their policies to protect children. This guide is meant to help partners increase their understanding of the issues involved in...
01 Jan 2017
This research reviews lessons learned about response analysis from multimodal responses, that is, responses in which practitioners determined that more than one response modality between cash, vouchers, and in-kind, was a “best fit” or in which the...
01 Jan 2016
Catholic Relief Services (CRS) works closely with local partners in the CAR—mainly Caritas and the Diocesan Commission for Justice and Peace (CDJP)—in Bouar and Boda. Most CRS and partner staff come from, and experienced the same trauma as, the...
01 Jan 2016
The Better Parenting Plus Community Discussion Guide is intended to facilitate guided discussions and learning by parents, caregivers and others, all of whom are members of SILC (Savings and Internal Lending Communities). The focus is on improving...
01 Jan 2015
Cash continues to gain prevalence as a modality for humanitarian agencies to help people meet multiple and diverse needs in the wake of a crisis. It provides people with the dignity of choice, and is often significantly more cost-efficient than the...
01 Jan 2013
This toolbox draws on recognized good practice and on examples from CRS’ programs. The content and guidance are not specific to one context. They can be used worldwide. The Communication Toolbox offers practical guidance for program managers who...
01 Jan 2012
The following good practices were distilled from a recent Real Time Evaluation (RTE) of an emergency project in Niger that is using cash for work and seed fairs to address food insecurity in the departments of Ouallam and TIllabery. The project was...


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