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01 Jan 2013
The aim of this note is to outline some ways of engaging with CBCPMs, especially within the education sector, which apply in both urban and rural protracted refugee settings. This note is based on the findings of two studies of CBCPMs and their...
01 Jan 2012
The CPC Network seeks to evaluate programmes to build evidence on how livelihoods and economic strengthening projects affect the care and protection of children, and link these lessons back to the field to improve programming. This report describes...
01 Jan 2012
In diverse contexts, child protection mechanisms are the systems that protect children from exploitation, abuse, violence, and neglect and promote children’s well-being. Components of Community-based Child Protection Mechanisms (CBCPMs) include the...
01 Jan 2011
How can we measure the impact of community-based psychosocial programs on the sustained well-being of children and families? This question was addressed by the Child Protection in Crisis Learning Network through its 2010 ethnographic study in Uganda...

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