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21 Apr 2020
Around the world reports are emerging of numerous residential institutions for children being closed as a result of the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Children appear to be being sent back to their communities without proper...
17 Apr 2020
This document from Save the Children outlines some of the potential risks children face in Interim Care Centres and suggests how to manage them to ensure that children are as safe as possible.
07 Apr 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic requires that we assess how to best adapt existing or adopt new services and programming to best serve children and families in uncertain times. An ecological framework can help us understand how COVID-19 might impact the...
27 Mar 2020
This guidance from the UK Department for Education and the Department for Public Health England answers some key questions regarding meeting the needs of vulnerable children during the COVID-19 crisis, including children in care and children with a ...
26 Mar 2020
This guidance is to support those working in social or community care and residential settings to give advice to their staff and users of their services about COVID-19. Social or community and residential care is taken to include: long-term...
19 Mar 2020
Children are particularly vulnerable during infectious disease outbreaks for three main reasons: Children have specific susceptibilities to infection during infectious disease outbreaks; Infectious diseases can disrupt the environments in which...
17 Mar 2020
People over the age of 60 and those with compromised immune systems are among the highest-risk populations COVID-19 is impacting. While grandparents are being advised to isolate themselves physically from grandchildren, it is nearly impossible...
06 Feb 2019
Foster and adoptive parents are an extremely diverse community of people with one thing in common: the desire to love, nurture and care for children and youth. This webinar will first explain key terms and concepts that all foster/adoptive parents...
01 Jan 2019
Within the global Church, a growing movement recognizes the importance of family in the life of every child and strives to ensure that children are cared for within families, rather than in institutions. Faith to Action created these three resources...
23 Aug 2018
The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action (The Alliance) is an interagency coalition of nearly 100 member organizations that work together to protect children facing adversity. The Better Care Network (BCN) is an international...


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