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01 Jan 2012
The study "Child Trafficking in the Nordic Countries: Rethinking strategies and national responses – Technical report", was initiated with twin aims: improving understanding of child trafficking and responses in the region; and...
25 Jul 2011
Community-based child protection mechanisms (CBCPMs) are used widely by non-governmental organisations and communities to address and protect children from violence, exploitation, abuse, and neglect. The research in this study reviews the...
01 Jan 2011
This report summarizes the state of violence against children in the five years since the release of the UN Secretary-General’s Study on Violence Against Children. It reveals how despite numerous commitments and promises by States, violence...
01 Jan 2011
A report that sheds light on the shocking issue of sexual violence against children with disabilities. All over the world, children with disabilities are suffering from sexual violence at the hands of perpetrators who operate with almost total...
01 Jan 2010
War Child is a network of independent organisations working across the world to help children affected by war. Their aim is to alleviate the suffering of children by bringing material aid into war zones, support those children who have been...
01 Jan 2009
This report is a synthesis of Save the Children Sweden’s work in emergencies in Africa, and it provides a useful overview of the community-based approach being used in emergencies to protect children and to promote their rights, both in theory and...
01 Jan 2006
The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime created these child-friendly guidelines along with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). They were developed to help make sure that children who have been harmed by crime and children who have...
01 Jan 2006
These guidelines are based on international human rights instruments and look at the protection of trafficked children from their identification up to their recovery and integration. The aim of these guidelines is to assist governments and State...
01 Jan 2005
UN Security Council Resolution 1612, which implements a monitoring and reporting mechanism regarding the use of child soldiers, was adopted unanimously by the United Nations Security Council on 26 July 2005. The Security Council today is more...

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