THEME: Working with other sectors, Cooperation and Collaboration for maximum impact

The 2017 Annual Meeting for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action, held in Kampala on 11th and 12th of September, marked the 10th anniversary of Child Protection in Emergencies Annual Meetings.

Full meeting report

Over the past decade, the group of practitioners has grown in number and diversity. This was an opportunity to reflect on progress made by the sector, which included great learning experiences and improved opportunities for working together. The Annual Meeting coincided with the Child Protection AoR Coordinators’ retreat which allowed the coordinators to stay and to fully participate to the event, enriching the discussions by bringing field perspective.

The objectives of the annual meeting were to:

  • Facilitate learning amongst practitioners on child protection issues and programs in humanitarian contexts;
  • Explore ways of working with other sectors to better protect children in humanitarian contexts;
  • Share new evidence, technical products and inter-agency initiatives to improve quality of interventions.
A record number of participants from local and national organizations!

Over 300 people applied to participate in the Annual Meeting, with registrations received from 68 countries. Due to limited capacity, only half could be accepted. In total, 159 participants from local, national and international NGOS, UN agencies, donors, academic partners and independent consultants attended the 2017 Annual Meeting.

70 agencies and organizations were represented, including 28 national organizations. The number of local organizations present at the annual meeting was almost equal to the number of international NGOs, which is significantly higher than previous annual meetings.

Agenda (annual meeting and side meetings)