The Case Management Task Force is currently led by the International Rescue Committee (IRC). Please contact Colleen Fitzgerald (Colleen.Fitzgerald (at)

The Case Management Task Force (CMTF), under the Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action, is offering an intensive capacity building initiative on Case Management Coaching and Supervision.

A webinar was held on 12 June 2017, outlining history, goals and vision of the project; scope and duration, application process and Q&A. Listen here > 




Case Management News: March 2018

The Case Management Task Force delivered the third (and last) Interagency Case Management and Supervision training of trainers in Burundi from 2-5 February. The training was co-facilitated by Audrey Bollier (Co-Coordinator of the Alliance, Save the Children) and Gatienne Jobit (Terre des hommes).

We trained two country teams representing Burundi and Niger with participants representing local, international and international NGOs, UN agencies, government agencies, networks and private foundations. From Burundi, this included ANTD, CARE International Niger, Save The Children, CARE International Niger, UNICEF, Ministère de la promotion de la femme et protection de l’enfant, IRC, Burundi COOPI. From Niger, this included Plateforme des intervenants en psychosocial et en Santé mentale PPSM, Terre des hommes, IRC, FVS-AMADE Burundi, DEF (Gouvernement), FOUNDATION STAMM, MDPHASG, UNICEF, Niger FENADEB.

Training materials are currently being translated into Arabic and French. There will be a webinar to introduce the supervision package and tools in the coming weeks; stay tuned!

Case Management news: November 2017

The Case Management Task Force held their first Interagency Case Management and Supervision Training of Trainers in Uganda this November. Three country teams represented Nigeria, Myanmar and South Sudan, with participants from local and international NGOs, national ministries and UN agencies. The final interagency case management package, with accompanying webinar, will be ready in Feb 2018 so watch this space!

Case Management news: February 2018

The Case Management Task Force delivered the second  Interagency Case Management and Supervision training of trainers in Jordan from 4-8 Dec. 3 country teams were trained, representing Whole of Syria, Iraq and Turkey. Participants came from:

Jordan TOT Participants (24 participants 13 M / 11 F)
Whole of Syria Ghiras Foundation, Hurras Network, IOM, Save the Children, War Child- Holland, UNHCR, UNICEF, Ihsan for Relief, Global Communities
Iraq Save the Children, IRC, TDH Italy, TDH-Lausanne
Turkey Turkish Red Crescent, Care International, UNHCR, Save the Children, ASASM, AAR Japan, UNICEF

The next training will be held in French in Burundi in early February. Training materials are currently being translated into Arabic and French and will be made available shortly.

The Case Management Task Force has developed Standard Operating Procedures for Child Protection in humanitarian settings to support Coordinators. This work has been led by Save the Children.

Terre des hommes is currently developing the quality assessment framework for case management programming. It will be available shortly.

The current interagency case management forms (originally developed in 2010) are being revised and updated. The new structure will follow the steps of case management, rather than specific vulnerabilities. This is work is undertaken in close collaboration with the unaccompanied and separated children task force, among others.

The Case Management Task Force liaises closely with the CPIMS Steering Committee, responsible for rolling out CPIMS + and PRIMERO. A meeting was held in early February to discuss the working relationship between the two groups. More updates to follow!

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