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The Alliance’s Secretariat supports fund-raising efforts, implementation of work plans, collaboration with other networks and sectors, pilot-testing tools and products and knowledge management. The Alliance Secretariat is also responsible for general convening, including the Child Protection in Humanitarian Action Annual Meeting.

Camilla Jones


Camilla Jones is the Coordinator for the Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action, on behalf of World Vision. Camilla has worked in both humanitarian and development sectors on international child protection issues since 2006. Most recently, Camilla worked with Family for Every Child, a member-led global alliance of national organisations focussed on children's care, where she facilitated the organisation's children on the move portfolio, led the online events programme, and was responsible for the organisation’s research into the sexual violence affecting boys, the importance of family, linkages between social protection and children’s care, and between education and children’s care. Camilla has worked in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and supported programmes in the Americas. Camilla has also supported prevention and response programming for refugee children in Kenya with Save the Children and in Jordan with UNICEF, and conducted a number of consultancies primarily on case management.

Hani Mansourian


Hani Mansourian is the Coordinator for the Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action, on behalf of UNICEF. Hani has worked with children and refugee populations in development and humanitarian contexts since 2000. He has worked with local and international NGOs as well as several UN agencies. Hani has participated in child protection responses in over a dozen humanitarian contexts. Hani holds a Bachelors of science in Engineering, a Masters degree in International Affairs and a Doctoral degree in Leadership in Global Health and Humanitarian Systems. In his spare time, Hani enjoys beekeeping, woodworking and spending time with horses. He currently lives in Nairobi, Kenya with his family of four.

Kyra Loat

Knowledge Management Focal Point

Kyra Loat is currently serving as the knowledge management focal point for the Alliance. Kyra graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in Political Science, focusing on gender equality, sustainable development and international humanitarian law. Some of her main interests within the area of child protection include gender-based violence, children associated with armed forces and armed groups and education in emergencies. Kyra will continue leading the development of the Alliance’s new website to serve our KM requirements; assisting in our knowledge product and special event launches; and supporting the overall translation of technical information into analysed, actionable knowledge.

Achieng Kokonya

Membership Engagement Lead

Achieng Kokonya is a Child Protection Specialist with more than 10 years’ experience in child protection, mostly in emergency settings. She has worked in eastern and southern Africa and Asia. Currently, she is supporting the secretariat of the Alliance in membership engagement, ensuring that all individual and institutional members have meaningful engagement opportunities within the Alliance. She is in charge of assessing and managing new members of the Alliance, with a special focus on national and local organizations’ engagement.

Manami Kawamoto

Project Manager

Manami Kawamoto is the Project Manager for the Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action. She has worked for child protection in both development and humanitarian settings including Bangladesh, Kenya, Myanmar, Nepal and Uganda. She most recently worked with UNICEF in Nepal and led the situation monitoring system as well as disability inclusive child protection programming. With her expertise in project management in child protection programming, she will be supporting planning and reporting processes for the Alliance as well as implementing M&E framework for the Strategic plan and Alliance work.

Elspeth Chapman

Strategic Partnerships and Advocacy Specialist

Elspeth Chapman is the Strategic Partnerships and Advocacy Specialist for the Alliance for the Child Protection in Humanitarian Action. Elspeth will be supporting the Alliance in the implementation of its 2021-2025 Strategic Plan, especially regarding strategic partnerships, donor engagement and advocacy. She has over 10 years of humanitarian experience in both technical child protection and senior leadership roles with INGOs and UN agencies. Elspeth has worked with conflict-affected populations in multiple contexts including Afghanistan, the Syria Crisis response in Jordan and Lebanon, Palestine, Libya and South Sudan.