Child Protection  Professionally Done
Child Protection Professionally Done
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Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action

The Child Protection Minimum Standards (CPMS) equip humanitarians seeking to protect children effectively with the most comprehensive and up-to-date best practice so they can deliver professional programs.

  • Widely shared common principles and goals.
  • A synthesis of best practice and learning to date.
  • An evidence-based professionalization tool.
  • A framework for improving quality and accountability.
  • A common language that enables inter-agency coordination.
  • Guidance to protect children in refugee and internal displacement contexts, infectious disease outbreaks as well as development work.
  • Resources for better advocacy and communication.

Watch this 6-Minute Introduction

Learn How to Use the CPMS

Learning the basic concepts or deepening your understanding of how to implement the Child Protection Minimum Standards in your work is one of the most rewarding investments you can make of your time.

What the CPMS Online Course Offers You:

  • An introduction to child protection in humanitarian action with the CPMS as its core.
  • Guidance on how to apply child protection principles and standards in practice.
  • An accessible entry point for new staff working in child protection and other sectors.
  • A capacity-building tool for local, national and international NGOs, government and UN agencies.
  • A self-administered, free-of-charge learning experience without any requirements.
  • A course certificate after completing five modules (≈ 4-5 hours).

How To Implement, Contextualise and Measure the CPMS

Find orientation and ready-to-use tools to help you implement the standards in your work, contextualise them in your setting, measure to what extent your programs meet them and build them into your organisation’s policies.

Get Some Essential Resources to Work With the CPMS, Such As:

  • Key steps for implementing the standards.
  • User and coordination group guides.
  • Enhanced and editable tables of indicators.
  • Checklists for assessments and institutionalisation.

Working Across Sectors for Children’s Protection and Wellbeing

Collaborating across humanitarian sectors is crucial to protecting children and promoting their well-being. And it also helps organisations make the most of available resources. No matter in which sector you work, the CPMS will help you achieve these goals.

Here You Will Find:

  • Clear, actionable steps for every humanitarian sector.
  • Key messages and resources to promote cross-sector collaboration.
  • Easy-to-use guidance and indicators for your program to address children’s protection needs and avoid harm.

Watch This 10-Minute Introduction

Awareness-Raising and Training Resources

Improving child protection is a collective effort. As a protection professional, you are stronger when you work with like-minded practitioners. These resources will help you advocate for better programs and build capacity in your organisation and beyond.

Here You Will Find:

  • Ready-to-use PowerPoint presentations and one-pagers.
  • Videos and Facilitator’s notes for animating discussions on CPMS.
  • Learning modules to rapidly onboard new staff in the wake of a humanitarian crisis.
  • Illustrations showing how the standards are seen in different contexts.

Additional Materials

Want to make the CPMS available in your language? Find out how the CPMS and the Inspire Strategies can complement each other? Or stay up to speed with regularly updated, relevant readings for each of the CPMS standards and cross-cutting issues?

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