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Podcast | Protected! Podcast Ep 5: Caring for Young Children (Part 1)

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Podcast | Protected! Podcast Ep 5: Caring for Young Children (Part 1)

Date published: 
22 Jun 2020

When the coronavirus lockdown has shrunk your world to the four walls around you, Joan Lombardi, the director of Early Opportunities, shares about caring for young children under lockdown. This is part one of a two-part interview with Joan Lombardi on the Protected! Podcast. 

On the podcast this week, Hani Mansourian and Joan Lombardi talk about how responsive care and early childhood experiences shape a child's development and future well-being within families and communities. They also cover how child protection actors can support families with young children during the COVID-19 crisis. Plus why good parenting can be like a game of tennis. 

Take a look at the parenting tips for the lockdown period and beyond: https://alliancecpha.org/en/child-protection-online-library/tips-parenting-during-coronavirus-covid-19-outbreak

For the rest of the resources related to child protection and COVID-19, please go to: https://www.alliancecpha.org/en/series-of-child-protection-materials/protection-children-during-covid-19-pandemic

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This podcast was recorded on the 22 of May 2020. 

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