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Webinar | Child Protection Minimum Standards Revision - Application in practice and next steps

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Webinar | Child Protection Minimum Standards Revision - Application in practice and next steps

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Date of webinar: 
19 Jun 2018
PHAP - Professionals in Humanitarian Assistance and Protection
The Alliance

Since they were launched six years ago, the Child Protection Minimum Standards (CPMS) have become an important reference to help ensure that measures to protect children are a central component of all humanitarian action. As part of launching the next stage of the consultation and revision process to update the standards, PHAP and The Alliance organized an online session on 19 June 2018. This was an opportunity to learn more about the standards and how practitioners are using them, what is changing in the revision, and what the next steps are for contributing to the consultations. 

This event featured Minja Peuschel and Susan Wisniewski from CPMS Working Group as well as four practitioners who shared their experience of the CPMS and how they are engaging in the consultations: Riyad Alnajem from HURRAS in Syria, Patricia Landinez, from UNICEF, Mexico, Yesica Serrano, (CID), Colombia and Efe Listowell, from CHAD Intl., Nigeria. Christine Knudsen, Director of Sphere, also joined the event and provided some insights into how the CPMS relates to the Sphere standards and their current revision. 

While many of the questions from participants were answered during the event, there were more questions than there was time for, and the guest experts have answered follow-up questions in writing. These can be found in The Child Protection Minimum Standards Revision: Follow-up questions.

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