Playlist | 2020 Annual Meeting Live Session Recordings

The Alliance

With the COVID-19 pandemic bringing the Alliance 2020 Annual Meeting online, we are pleased to present our 2020 Annual Meeting Live Session Recordings Playlist for those who where not able to join us during the Annual Meeting or for those who wish to view sessions again! 

Available Videos Include: 

Day 1 - 05 October 2020 

2020 Annual Meeting Plenary: Welcome, Opening Remarks and Keynote Panel Interview and Q&A

Presentation on Background Paper: 2.2 Billion Children: How Do We Ensure Their Protection and Well-Being Amidst an Infectious Disease Outbreaks? 

Thematic Session 1: Localization in Child Protection Coordination

Thematic Session 2: Now is the TIME! Justice for Children in Emergencies

Thematic Session 3: Working Well: Staff Care and Well-being in Trying Times

Thematic Session 4: The Power of Joint Advocacy for the Protection of Children in Times of COVID-19

Thematic Session 6: COVID-19 and the Localization of Child Protection Interventions

Thematic Session 7: Advocacy and Activation of Virtual Courts

Annual Meeting Wrap Up and Moving Forward: Day 1 

Day 2 - 06 October 2020

Day 2 Plenary: Evidence on the Impact of Infectious Disease Outbreaks on the Protection and Well-Being of Children

Thematic Session 9: Child Protection Evidence and Innovations 

Thematic Session 10: Alternative Care in Refugee Settings during COVID-19

Thematic Session 12: Child Protection in Conflict-Affected Settings during COVID-19

Thematic Session 14: Strengthening Capacities of Caregivers in Times of Uncertainty to Promote Child Protection

Thematic Session 15: Adaptation and Provision of Multi-Tiered Mental Health and Psychosocial Support to Children, Parents, Caregivers, and Frontline Workers during COVID-19 

Thematic Session 16: Does a Mobile Phone Save Children's Lives?

Thematic Session 17: Adolescents and COVID-19 

Thematic Session 19: Family Based Care and Relief Support during COVID-19

Thematic Session 20: MHPSS Innovations Responding to Child Protection Concerns during COVID-19

Thematic Session 21: Mongolia Adapts Child Helpline Services to COVID-19 Crisis

Annual Meeting Wrap Up and Moving Forward: Day 2 

Special Event: Donor - Practitioner Session 

Day 3 - 07 October 2020 

Day 3 Plenary: Key Questions for the Discussion on Protection of Children during Infectious Disease Outbreaks 

Day 3 Groupwork A: Mental Health and Pyschosocial Support 

Day 3 Groupwork A: Child Participation

Day 3 Report Back: Groupwork A - Key Challenges and Recommendations

Day 3 Groupwork B and C: The Family

Annual Meeting Wrap Up and Moving Forward: Day 3 

Day 4 - 08 October 2020 

Day 4 Plenary: Review of the Alliance and 2018-2020 Strategy

Day 4 Work Session: Alliance Strategy Ideas Brainstorm 

Day 4 Work Session: Alliance Strategies Ideas Brainstorm 

Day 4 Report Back: Recap of Initial Discussion on the 2021-2023 Strategic Priorities

Final Report Back and Wrap Up and Moving Forward: Day 4 

Day 5 - 09 October 2020 

Day 5 Plenary: Hot Off the Press

Day 5: Alliance Working Group and Task Force Pitches

2019-2020 Update: Learning & Development Working Group

2019-2020 Update: Cash Transfer and Child Protection Task Force

2019-2020 Update: Family Strengthening Task Force

2019-2020 Update: Child Protection Minimum Standards Working Group

2019-2020 Update: Assessment, Measurement and Evidence Working Group 

2020 Annual Meeting Final Wrap Up and Dance Party: Day 5 

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