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Case Management Quality Assessment Framework

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Case Management Quality Assessment Framework

For Field Testing
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23 Aug 2019


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The prevalent use of case management in humanitarian settings as an approach to respond to the child protection needs of individual children has led to an increased emphasis on the importance of being able to assess the quality of the response and the system in which it operates.

The Case Management Quality Assessment Framework (QAF) was developed under the Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action by the Global Case Management Task Force. The purpose of the QAF is to provide a framework and tool for assessing how a particular case management system (either within an organisation or as an inter-agency / national case management system) operates and functions and, by extension, how it can be improved. This includes the practice of case management – that is how case management is implemented in the field and the quality with which this is done. It thereby takes into account that a case management response and system may still be in its earliest stages of development, e.g. during the early phases of an emergency response. By identifying the strengths and weaknesses within the case management response and system, the QAF provides a basis for supporting the ongoing development of case management in a particular context.

These resources are currently available in Arabic, English, French, and Spanish as zip files or individual downloads. 

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