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The Alliance Resources is a compendium of materials covering all areas related to child protection. The database is searchable by CPMS standard, keyword, type of document and region/country. These resources can be shared freely. We also welcome recommendations for additional materials via the submission form. Your resource will be added after administrator review.

2017 - Plan International
This case study describes the community-based child protection programme implemented between 2015 and 2016 with Burundian girls, boys and adults in Mahama refugee camp in Rwanda. Between April and July 2015, over 150,000 people fled Burundi after...
2013 - IOB, Instituut Voor Ontwikkelingsbeleid En-Beheer, Universiteit Antwerpen
Burundi has one of the youngest and poorest populations in the world. Known as a rural-based nation, its urban growth rate is among the world’s highest. These defining characteristics of contemporary Burundi shaped field research on the state of...
2011 - UNICEF, The International Rescue Committee
The report of this study responds to the objectives of identifying all the residential centres for children in Burundi, including the number of children residing in them; analysing the situation of children living in the centres and developing...
2011 - Save The Children, Handicap International
A report that sheds light on the shocking issue of sexual violence against children with disabilities. All over the world, children with disabilities are suffering from sexual violence at the hands of perpetrators who operate with almost total...

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