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The Alliance Resources is a compendium of materials covering all areas related to child protection. The database is searchable by CPMS standard, keyword, type of document and region/country. These resources can be shared freely. We also welcome recommendations for additional materials via the submission form. Your resource will be added after administrator review.

2019 - Faith to Action Initiative
Within the global Church, a growing movement recognizes the importance of family in the life of every child and strives to ensure that children are cared for within families, rather than in institutions. Faith to Action created these three resources...
2017 - Plan International
This case study describes the community-based child protection programme implemented between 2015 and 2016 with Burundian girls, boys and adults in Mahama refugee camp in Rwanda. Between April and July 2015, over 150,000 people fled Burundi after...
2017 - Better Care Network, ACPF, The African Child Policy Forum, CRS, Catholic Relief Services, Family for every child, Hope and Homes for Children, Save The Children
In 2014, the New York Working Group on Children without Parental Care and the Special Representative for the Secretary General (SRSG) on Violence Against Children (VAC) collaborated to initiate a series of regional expert consultations on children’s...
2015 - UNICEF, United Nations Children's Fund
The total number of children who grow up in formal care in the Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CEE/CIS) region is estimated at 1.3 million, of which 650,000 live in residential care. Of these children, some 200...
2015 - The CPC Network, Child Protection in Crisis, UNHCR, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
This report presents both the process and the findings from a recent attempt to better understand customary caregiving arrangements for refugee children living in two camp-based populations in Rwanda. The study emerged from UNHCR’s recognition that...
2014 - Family for every child
This report reflects the views and collective expertise of 15 national organisations working hands on with millions of vulnerable children worldwide. These organisations have come together to form Family for Every Child, an alliance aimed at...
2014 - OAK Foundation, Better Care Network
This resource aims to provide a concise overview of a range of studies and findings that can inform approaches to caring for children who, through orphan-hood, abandonment, or other causes, have been separated from parental care. Included are...
2014 - Family for every child
This research investigates the links between the Vision 2020 Umurenge Programme (VUP), child well-being, children’s care and family reunification. It is part of a wider study on the linkages between social protection and children’s care in Rwanda,...
2013 - The Interagency Group on Reintegration
This inter-agency, desk-based research aims to arrive at a clearer understanding of reintegration practices for separated children in low and lower-middle income countries. The research pulls together learning from practitioners and academics...
2012 - Child Abuse & Neglect: The International Journal
Children outside of family care face increased risk of threats to their well-being, have lower educational achievement, and experience adverse developmental outcomes. While it is generally accepted that early response and intervention is critical to...


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